American Ingenuity Dome

Lay-a-Way Plan


Patience is a great virtue. It is typical to take years before a person can purchase their dome kit. So hang in there! Are you aware of our dome lay-a-way plan?  Sometimes saving or setting money aside is a difficult task and a little incentive is needed. We've often had requests from those who would like to make monthly payments towards their kit.  Now with 5% down and a monthly payment, a dome can be yours in just a matter of time.


Lay-a-Way requires an initial 5% down payment with up to 60 monthly payments thereafter.  The year you make your initial 5% deposit will determine which year’s dome kit pricing you initially secure.  That pricing continues to be secured if within each 12 month period you make at least 6 monthly payments or a 10% deposit


Our Lay-a-Way program secures a certain year's pricing for up to five years. Typically our kit pricing increases 3-6% a year.  So over five years the kit prices could increase 15% to 30%.  So let's say you place a 5% deposit now, you would secure the 2005 pricing through 2010.




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TO: Future Dome Owner






We are pleased that our Lay-a-Way program is helping many people like yourself to take the first step toward the day when you walk into your own home. Each payment brings you one step closer to your dream.  Please read over this information and keep it for future reference.


Until your dome design and floor plan is finalized, the monthly payments will be based on the building kit cost.  You can then take your time to design your home.  Remember to make payments on the largest size dome that you might consider building.  During the process you can switch to a smaller dome but you cannot apply the money towards a larger dome.   With consistent monthly payments, you can lock-in our current year’s pricing, avoid future price increases, and realize considerable savings in the future. When you finalize the design, the exact price of the kit will be determined by the dome size and building options.


Anytime after the payments exceed 30%, you can order your dome kit and schedule a shipment date (allow 3 months).  The balance is due 7 days prior to shipment. All payments are refundable until you place an order for your kit.  You may wait until three months before delivery to finalize your decisions and place an order. After you place an order and we begin manufacturing your kit, our “Conditions of Sale” limits refunds to compensate for handling, material and labor costs.


Lay-a-Way requires an initial 5% down-payment with up to 60 monthly payments thereafter. Below is a listing of minimum required payments for each dome size based on a 5 year Lay-a-Way plan.  You may reduce that time with larger monthly payments.





5%  DOWN


































Take the first step to Lay-a-Way your dome kit.  Cut off the request form below, fill it out and return it along with a 5% down payment.  Within 2-3 weeks your payment booklet will arrive.  And, remember all monies received are completely refundable prior to the manufacture of your kit.



Please send my Dome Lay-a-Way Payment Booklet:


Name: _______________________________________ Dome Size(s):________________


Address: _________________________________________________________________


Phone, Daytime: __________________________  Evenings: ________________________


Bldg. Site Address (if known) or City & State: ____________________________________


Date (or Year) you wish delivery of  Kit: _______ How many monthly payments? ________


Do you have A.I. Dome Building Plans?  Y  N  ______________________________________