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A no rust, insulated, low maintenance, 12' diameter 110 sq.ft. dome kit.  Use the pods to:

  • Expand storage space, store house and lawn equipment, store pool and sports gear, store all those cumbersome items that collect and clog up your garage.
  • Store tools during construction of your dome home.
  • Make your gardening or fix-it jobs easier with a potting shed or work shop.
  • Build a backyard dome playhouse with your children.
  • Build a Hunting Refuge.
  • Protect and cover your well & pump.


  • Expanded Polystyrene 2" thick panels (EPS - white rigid insulation), R-8 insulation. The kit includes the 2" EPS panels and panels for one entryway. The panels are not prefabricated with a steel reinforced concrete exterior or interior wall board as are the prefab panels for the Ai 22' thru 60' domes.  After you assemble the panels, it is most cost effective for you to concrete the exterior and interior of the EPS insulation on site.  Within the entryway, install a 2x4 framed wall and install your locally purchased 6'x6' (max) door.  Or install one 3'x6' door and install a window or vent next to the door.
  • Diameter 12', Center height 9’ 4”, Floor area 110 sq.ft.
  • The geometry is a one half sphere of a two frequency icosahedron on a 40" riser wall

PRICING does not include USA common carrier shipping costs of $270 to $600. (If shipped to Florida addresses, add applicable sales taxes.) The pod ships on one 4'x4' pallet with weight of 200 lbs from our Rockledge, Florida factory.  The truck that delivers the pod has a  lift deck and pallet jack.  So the driver unloads the pallet and moves it onto your property.  Shipping estimates: within Florida less than $200; Texas around $280; California $500.  Call us (321-639-8777) with your zip code and we can quote you shipping costs.

  • 12’ Pod with one entryway  $750.  40” risers.
  • 12’ Pod with two entryways $790.  40” risers.
  •  Call Ai for Accessory package pricing.  Consists of 4' tall roll of 1/4"x1/4" galvanized steel mesh (340 sq.ft.), C-rings, C-ring pliers and #8 galvanized wire.


  • 2" EPS insulation panels consisting of 37 precut triangular, 12 precut 40" high riser panels and 6 precut entryway panels. (to fit in boxes triangles and risers are cut in half and will be glued together before assembly begins)
  • 1 gallon Concrete Admixture
  • 1 bundle of 16d finishing nails
  • 1 bundle 16d nails
  • 1 large sponge
  • 2 cans spray adhesive
  • 12 ea. 24” #8 galvanized reinforcing wires
  • 1 insert about panels cut in half
  • Detailed slab plans
  • Assembly Instructions

The 2" EPS panels are not prefabricated panels as are the panels in American Ingenuity’s 22 ft. – 60 ft dome kits.  The EPS panels are not pre-concreted since it is most cost effective for you to apply the exterior ¼” concrete over the entire dome at one time. Steel mesh is not installed on the panels. However if you want a stronger dome you can purchase ¼”x ¼” galvanized steel mesh to tie wire to the EPS before you apply the thicker ½” concrete.  Accessory Package includes 340 sq.ft. of steel mesh, C’rings, C’ring pliers and #8 galvanized wire. Call Ai at 321-639-8777 for accessory package pricing.

Pods are available with 2 sets of Entryway panels with 34 precut triangular, 8 precut 40" high riser panels.  Two Pods may be linked together by joining the optional second entryway.  The two entryways are 144 degrees apart; therefore; the entryways are not opposite each other.  If the first entryway is at six o'clock, then the second entryway can be at eleven o'clock or one o'clock.

Materials and Tools Required:
To make a concrete slab you will also need about 1 & 1/3 cubic yard of concrete and 2 – 20 ft. long #3 rebars or 40’ of #8 galv. wire (used w/ fences).

  • 2 - 94 lb. Bags Portland Cement for a 3/16" thick exterior coating.
  • 3 cans spray foam
  • 45 Gallons (¼ cu. yd.) Sand
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 3 Pressure Treated 2x4's x8'
  • Materials for Doors (2 sheets of plywood, hinges & hasp)
  • Hammer, Trowel, Shovel, Step Ladder
  • Areas subject to hurricane force winds may require twice the amount of Portland cement and sand.


  • First follow the insert about the panels cut in half & glue the triangles & riser pieces together.
  • Spray Foam is used as an adhesive by, applying a small bead along the edge of one of the adjoining panels.  Momentarily join the panels together to disperse the foam and hold them apart till the foam becomes tacky.  When the two panels are then rejoined they will hold together with less drying time.
  • Assemble the EPS panels by rows, attaching them to your prepared foundation and to one another with nails and adhesive.
  • Install 2X4 Pressure Treated (P.T.) doorway framing under the entryway.
  • Install your own 6'x6' (max)door, window or vents to suit within the entryway framed wall.
  • Coat the entire exterior with a 1/4" layer of concrete, then paint the concrete with concrete primer and paint.
  • Finish the interior of the EPS with joint compound, plaster or stucco.
  • Attach electrical wiring for outlets or lighting to the panels.


The Pod foundation is a concrete slab. The footers will be 8” thick and 6” wide with 2” thick slab reinforced with #4 rebar (40’).  Foundation requires 37 cubic feet of concrete, 1 & 1/3 cubic yards of concrete.  A slab foundation design with dimensions and details is provided with the instructions.


If you want to connect two pods together, one of the pods needs to have two entryways. There are no extra link panels, just the entryway panels that connect together.  This will give you one entrance into the first dome which will be connected to the other dome with no other exit available.  If you want a second exit out of the second pod, then you will need two pods, each with two entryways.


  • The Pods can be picked up at American Ingenuity’s factory using a pickup with trailer with prior arrangements. Call our office at 321-639-8777 for details.  Office hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 eastern time.
  • Or the Pod may be shipped on the same truck as a Dome Building Kit (if there is room on the truck) at no additional charge.
  • Or the kit can be shipped on one pallet via common carrier, NIShippers, anywhere in the USA for approx. $270 to $600.  Please give American Ingenuity your zip code and we will confirm your shipping cost before you purchase the Pod.

Vehicle, Trailer and Strap Requirements for Pod pick up at American Ingenuity’s Factory in Rockledge Florida:

  • If you have a full size pickup truck the boxes will stick up above the cab by 3’ to 4’….which is dangerous.  To pick up the boxes, a Pick Up with small trailer is required or pull a 10’ trailer behind a vehicle.
  • Please bring straps and rope to tie down the six or seven boxes depending on whether your Pod has one entryway or two.


The Pod with one entryway or two entryways is packaged in 6 boxes with the approximate dimensions.

  • 3 boxes: 47.5”x24”x16.5” @ 20 lbs each
  • 1 box:    48”x24”x16” @40 lbs each
  • 2 boxes: 34”x23.5”x24.5”@15 lbs each


  • The dome’s attachment to the foundation, and the doors and/or windows purchased and installed, limit the maximum wind force that the dome will withstand. Ai had one of its pods survive Hurricane Andrew with no structural damage.  (The pod had not been reinforced with steel mesh or thicker concrete).
  • Make the Pod stronger (it does not come with a 225 mph wind or tornado guarantee) by purchasing  accessory package from American Ingenuity that includes one four foot tall roll of galvanized ¼”x ¼” steel mesh, C’ rings, C’ ring pliers and #8 galvanized wire. Then concrete the dome with one half inch or three quarter inch concrete.   The seam areas will have thicker concrete.



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