Opportunity To Save Big On Our Last 22′ Dome Kit
Made with ¼” DensDeck (interior drywall)

In keeping up with building codes over the years, AiDomes has phased out the use of quarter inch (¼”) DensDeck drywall in favor of half inch (1/2”) DensArmor Plus drywall. (Interior drywall on each triangle & riser panel).  Both DensDeck and DensArmor are special Georgia Pacific drywall that is moisture resistant and mold resistant. This drywall is not conventional sheet rock, which when gets wet the paper matting is a food source for mold growth and the gypsum crumbles.  The prefab panels contain American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) standard 7″ Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) R28 insulation and exterior pre-finished 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh.

What this means to you: If you’re in a position where you want a 22’ dome for an out building or garage (which local codes may allow ¼” DensDeck) you can save over $6,000.

Ai has a 22’ dome kit with 1/4″ drywall in stock that we are selling AS  IS at reduced pricing of $9,870* versus Ai manufacturing a new 22’ kit with half inch (1/2″) drywall whose sale price is $15,975 with regular price of $21,300.  (Kit includes all prefab panels for dome shell, 4′ tall riser panels & six 3 1/2″ EPS panels for one entryway)


Photo of 22′ dome kit assembled.

Once kit is assembled, the first floor square footage is 370 with optional loft built on site having 81 sq.ft. to five feet of headroom.  Approx. area in optional loft from 5’6″ to 6’10” is 48 sq.ft.

22' AS IS Panels 0389

Photo of some of the 22′ AS IS kit panels.
Prefab Panels w’ standard 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced w’ galvanized steel mesh,
R28 7″ EPS Insulation, 1/4″ DensDeck Drywall

If your building department requires ½” drywall then Ai has two options for you.

  • First Option: purchase the kit for $9,870 with the quarter inch ( ¼” ) drywall & on your site remove the quarter inch (¼”) drywall and adhere free half inch ( ½” ) drywall to the EPS with free adhesive using free ½” DensArmor drywall cut to shapes to fit the 22’ panels. And receive $210 of galvanized steel mesh for free.
  • Second Option: pay $10,989 for the kit and Ai will remove the quarter inch (¼” )DensDeck & apply the half inch (½”) DensArmor. And receive $210 of galvanized steel mesh for free.

If you give Ai your properties tax ID number or site address, at no cost to you Ai will call your building department, show them our web site, email set of building plans if needed and find out what is required to obtain a building permit.  Do they require an engineer licensed for your state to seal the plans?  Do they require an Energy Report?  If so both items can be purchased from Ai.

*The $9,870 sale price does not include shipping, building plans, engineer seal on the plans or energy report. The $9,870 sale price includes the following:

  1. $1,500 for 100 hours of labor to remove the ¼” DensDeck and install the ½” DensArmor. Our factory estimates the removal of DensDeck & installation of DensArmor will take two hours per panel. (The $1,500 results from: there are about 50 panels times 2 hours is 100 hours with labor estimated at $15 an hour.)
  2. New ½” Georgia Pacific DensArmor Plus wallboard cut into shapes ready to be adhered to the triangle panel’s EPS insulation. Also will be included additional smaller pieces of DensArmor for the riser panels The free ½” DensArmor Wallboard’s value is $949.20 in material cost. (see below why Ai utilizes DensArmor instead of DensDeck)
  3. 17 cans of Enerfoam (drywall adhesive) whose value is $170.70. One can affixes DensArmor to three panels.
  4. 200 sq.ft. of mesh whose value is $210. (A couple of panels had rusted steel mesh which was removed. On site add mesh in the seam before the concrete is applied in the seam.)

See below for description on how to remove 1/4″  DensDeck & adhere the free precut ½” DensArmor drywall to the EPS using free Enerfoam.

The following describes what panels are included in the 22’ kit:  The kit includes all the panels to assemble the dome shell and the 3 ½” EPS panels for one entryway. The triangle and four foot tall rectangle riser panels consist of center core of 7” Expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) (R28), with ¾” fiber concrete exterior reinforced with galvanized steel mesh & ¼” DensDeck interior drywall. (the edges of the EPS insulation on the triangle & riser panels have been painted which allows the kit to be stored outside for 2-3 months prior to assembly). (some boxed items and other items need to be stored inside.)

Depending on your floor plan selection, additional entryway or dormers can be purchased at current pricing: 22’ G type entryway is $390; first floor Window dormer is $345. First floor Door dormer is $365.

The entryway panels do not have galvanized steel mesh wrapped on them.  If the Buyer purchases the mesh from Ai,  we will not charge any labor costs for the plant to wrap the entryway panels with the mesh.

All panels are premarked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.  The assembly process consists of stacking the panels on the temporary wooden rib system overlapping and locking the steel mesh of adjacent panels, filling the seams with special formulated concrete and concreting of the entryways and dormers.  Finish the interior wall board seams with fiberglass tape and joint compound.  This process produces the structural components, completes the finished exterior surface, installs the insulation and all the interior shell wallboard. Seam areas between panels concreted on site and average two inch thick concrete.  To view kit assembly, click on Assembly.  Independent consultant can be hired to supervise kit assembly.

On site, under the entryways and dormers a 2×4 or 2×6 wall is framed in to install your locally purchased doors and windows.

The concrete applied in the seams and on the entryways and dormers is sponge finished to match the pre-finished texture of the concrete panels. The dome is primed with concrete primer and then painted with two coats of exterior concrete paint to achieve the color you desire.  To blend the DensArmor interior drywall seam finish to the drywall, skip trowel joint compound over all the dome shell drywall.

The following describes why American Ingenuity switched to DensArmor versus DensDeck. (Both DensArmor & DensDeck are Georgia Pacific moisture resistant/mold resistant gypsum drywall). To obtain building permits, more and more building departments require the insulation be protected by 15 minute thermal barrier material. The noncombustible ¼” DensDeck does not have the 15 minute thermal barrier test. The ½” DensArmor Plus High Performance gypsum drywall has the tests to prove it is a 15 minute thermal barrier. All Ai dome kits are now shipped with 1/2″ DensArmor adhered to the EPS using the Enerfoam (drywall adhesive). The Enerfoam adhesive is being shipped at no cost with this AS IS kit if you are adding ½” drywall on site. The Plant utilizes the hinge method that is described below to affix the wallboard to the Eps using the Enerfoam. If you choose to remove the ¼” drywall and apply the free ½” drywall, you will use this same method to affix the ½” DensArmor to the panels on your site.

The following describes how to remove the ¼” DensDeck and adhere the ½” DensArmor.

    • Flip the panel over and pry the ¼” DensDeck off the panel with good metal snow shovel or use large putty knife. Some cement perlite which was used to adhere the DensDeck may come off when the DensDeck is pried off.
    • Select the appropriate pieces of precut ½” DensArmor and lay on the panel.
    • Lift up DensArmor one piece at a time and spray Enerfoam in S pattern on EPS around edges & middle where DensArmor piece will lay.
    • Lay DensArmor piece down. Slide back and forth a few times to make the foam tacky and not swell up.
    • Then when you are sure the piece is in correct location, leave in that position.
    • Install next piece until all pieces are installed for that panel.
    • Place another flipped panel on top of this panel and complete same process.