This Aidome owner hired a Florida Builder by the name of Gary Cook who hired the independent Kit Assembly Consultant, Randy Dixon, to supervise the builder’s workers during the assembly of his 27’ Aidome linked to a 22’ garage dome.  Here is direct quote from the Dome Owner: “Randy Dixon and a crew of five and sometimes six people, brought the project from a basic slab with a few standing riser panels to this state in 9 1/2, eight hour working days.”

The state the dome owner is referring to is that all the panels for the two domes and link are installed, with some seams having a first layer of concrete.  At this phase of assembly, the builder’s concrete workers can complete the exterior concrete work without the consultant being on site and can call him when any questions arise.   The exterior work left to be done involves concreting the seams, link, framing in locally purchased doors and windows, concreting the entryway and dormer panels, priming, sealing and painting the exterior concrete.  Then the dome is considered weather tight and interior finishing can occur without weather concerns. Finishing includes such items as framing, plumbing, electrical, kitchen and bathroom fixture and cabinet installation, HVAC, drywall finishing, etc.

This dome owner is installing mini-split ductless AC/heating units.  Because five foot tall risers will fit on the truck for a 27′ and a 22′ kit, the dome owner chose to order custom five foot tall risers (versus our standard four foot tall risers); thus causing his first floor height where a second floor is installed above to be 8’6″ tall.  In the three frequency domes, 30′ - 48′ five foot tall risers will not fit on the truck.  However Ai can custom manufacture an additional two foot tall riser which is installed above the four foot tall riser, resulting in first floor ceiling height where a second floor is installed above of ten feet in these larger domes.

To identify panels for one kit from another kit and to protect the expanded polystyrene insulation from UV light, the white EPS is painted a certain color for each kit.  In this case, the pink signifies the 27’ panels