Opportunity To Save Big - $5,613 - On Overstocked 27’ AiDome Building Kit

If purchased by June 10 & Kit ships by August 31, 2018 

Need to make room for new orders.  What this means to you:  If you’re in a position where you desire a 27ft American Ingenuity (Ai) concrete dome for your new one or two bedroom/two bath home or guest cottage or mother-in-law suite or garage with studio apartment above, you can save $5,613 on your building kit and building plans.  The square footage after the kit is assembled and finished with local materials is 750 - 800.

Did you know that two Aidomes built in the Virgin Islands went through two category five hurricanes in a twelve day period and had no damage when most of the areas were pretty much destroyed?   The hurricanes were Irma and Maria.  Besides the strength of the Aidome, home owners choose to build it  because of:  1) its exterior is fire resistant concrete, 2) its R28 insulation is not interrupted by wood resulting in a super-energy efficient home; 3) no roof to blow off in high winds or to burn; and 4) no wood in the panels to rot, or burn or be eaten by termites.  To view an article summarizing the advantages of Aidomes, please click on Advantages of the Concrete Aidome.

To sell our overstock, Ai has reduced the 27’ dome kit with one entryway pricing to $22,988* versus Ai manufacturing a new 27’ kit whose regular price is $28,034  And Ai  is giving a 50% discount on stock building plans for one dome on a slab in pdf format – value of $567 resulting in total savings of $5,613.   (The Building Kit includes all prefab panels for the dome shell, 7″ R-28 EPS insulation, 4′ tall riser panels & six panels for one entryway)  

Photo of an Assembled 27′ Aidome Building Kit


Photo of some of the 27’ Aidome Building Kit Prefab Panels

Ready to be assembled on your property 

Prefab Panels consist of exterior of 3/4″ concrete reinforced w’ galvanized steel mesh & fibers,
Center Core of R28 7″ Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation, and interior of 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor Drywall


Photo of an assembled 27′ Aidome used as a Garage w’ 2nd floor Studio Apartment

At no cost to you, provide your properties tax ID number or site address, and we will call your building department, show them our web site, email set of building plans if needed and find out what is required to obtain a building permit.  Do they require an engineer licensed for your state to seal the building plans?  Do they require Structural Calculations?  Do they require a ResCheck Energy Report to issue a building permit?  If so the engineer seal, calcs & energy report can be purchased from Ai.  

The following describes what panels are included in the 27’ kit:  The kit includes all the prefabricated panels to assemble the dome shell and the panels for one entryway. The triangle and four foot tall rectangle riser panels consist of center core of 7” Expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) (R28), with ¾” concrete exterior reinforced with fibers & galvanized steel mesh & 1/2” Georgia Pacific DensArmor interior drywall. None of the panel materials contain any food source for mold growth and are all non-combustible.  (the edges of the EPS insulation on the triangle & riser panels have been painted which allows the kit to be stored outside for 2-3 months in non-freezing weather prior to assembly). (some boxed items and other items need to be stored inside.)

FYI, depending on the floor plan selected, the layout can be one bedroom/one bath or two bedrooms/two baths which determines the number of window dormers and if there is a first floor door dormer.  Window dormer or door dormer panels can be purchased at current pricing: 27’ first floor or second floor Window dormer is $345. First floor Door dormer is $375.  To view stock plans for the 27′ dome, click on Stock Plans and scroll down the page to find the 27′ diameter.   

The 27’ Kappa 11 plan featured below, (after kit is assembled and finished with local materials) has two bedrooms and two baths. This special includes stock building plans reduced 50%.   If you do not see a stock plan that fits your lifestyle, we can modify or customize a plan for a reasonable fee.  Once the floor plan is selected, Ai may need to manufacture additional panels for window dormers and or door dormer and can complete an Order Form which lists the regular and sale price of the building kit, current pricing for additional window dormers or door dormer, Parts List Items, shipping, 2×4’s cut/drilled/painted for the temporary support system, etc. 

PDF for Downloading & Printing

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The Ai dome building kit was specifically designed for Owner Builders  or contractors.  All panels are premarked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.   The assembly process consists of stacking the panels on the temporary wooden rib system overlapping and locking the steel mesh of adjacent panels, filling the seams with special formulated concrete and concreting of the entryways and dormers.  Finish the interior wall board seams with fiberglass tape and joint compound.  This process produces the structural components, completes the finished exterior surface, installs the insulation and all the interior shell wallboard.  Seam areas between panels are concreted on site and average two inch thick concrete.  To view kit assembly for a 22′ dome, click on Kit Assembly and scroll down to the construction photos.  FYI, an 18′ is assembled the same way a 22′ kit is.   Independent consultant can be hired to supervise kit assembly.

When assembled, the prefabricated panels produce all the structural components, the concrete roof, all the insulation and all the interior drywall for the dome shell.  In addition, the dome shell (triangles & risers) carries a 225 mph wind and F4 tornado guarantee. This warranty does not apply to a cupola, link, exterior framed wall areas, or exterior doors and windows.  Our panelized system does not contain wood framing (ribs) to interrupt our standard R28 insulation. There is no exterior wood to burn or rot or for termites to eat (Pressure Treated wood is used to frame the walls under the entryways and dormers.).  FYI during kit assembly a temporary wooden rib system is assembled to support the panels.  When the kit is assembled, the dome is self-supporting and the rib system is removed. As an added bonus, there is no roof to blow off in high winds, and has a noncombustible fire resistant concrete exterior. To learn more about our panels please view Panel Composition.

On site, under the entryway and dormers a 2×4 or 2×6 wall is framed in to install your locally purchased doors and windows.

The concrete applied in the seams and on the entryways and dormers is sponge finished to match the pre-finished texture of the concrete panels. The dome is primed with concrete primer and then painted with two coats of exterior concrete paint to achieve the color you desire. To blend the dome shell’s DensArmor interior drywall seam finish to the DensArmor finish, skip trowel joint compound over the dome shell drywall.

*The $22,988 sale price does not include shipping, printed out plans, engineer seal on the plans, structural calculations (if required by your building department to issue a permit), panels for door dormer or window dormers, Parts List Items, Steel Hub deposit or Rescheck Energy Report.