3rd Step - Ai Calls Building Dept. For You.   At no cost to you, if you provide Ai with your property’s address or tax I.D. number or the potential property’s tax ID number you are considering purchasing along with the building department’s telephone number, we will call the building department.  We will discuss items on our  web site and email them a drop box invitation that includes info about our prefabricated home dome building kits, sample set of building plans and engineering statement.

Ai will confirm that they will accept the American Ingenuity concrete prefabricated panel as is, as well as what additional  requirements are needed for a new home permit on the dome.  For example will your building department require the building plans be engineer sealed by a engineer licensed for your state?  Will they require an Energy Report?  If so the building plans, engineer seal and energy report can be purchased from Ai.

We will recap what we find out and email that info to you along with the name and phone number of the persons we spoke with.  

On our web site file building permit, we list most frequently asked questions about obtaining a building permit.