Below is photo gallery showing a 45′ in diameter Aidome
being assembled & linked to a 34′ Aidome in California.

To view the photos in the gallery, click on the white arrow on the right middle side. 

Both domes were built on concrete slabs.  However depending on your soil type and terrain, Ai’s design team with engineer’s assistance can design any type foundation from a slab, to stem wall, crawl space, basement, pilings with elevated platform, etc. 

45′ dome is 1,457 sq.ft. on the first floor with 537 sq.ft. on the second floor for a total of 1,994 sq.ft.   The 34′ dome has 852 sq.ft. on the first floor and 373 sq.ft. on the second floor for a total of 1,225 sq.ft.   The 45′ home dome has three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  On the first floor is Master bedroom of 281 sq.ft. with 127 sq.ft. master bath and powder room.  Second floor has two bedrooms and bath.  The 34′ garage dome’s 2nd floor is an open recreation room.

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