6th Step - Order Dome Building Kit.  A great way to save on building your prefabricated home dome kit is to take advantage of American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) sale pricing on the dome kit.   To learn about Ai’s current discount, click on Discount. To receive discount place a deposit and order your dome kit by November 11, 2015.  American Ingenuity will schedule your kit for manufacturing and ship it prior to May 30, 2016.  Buyer and Ai agree upon the month of shipment and if Ai determines the week/day of shipment within the agreed upon month, Buyer receives entire discount.

By selecting a floor plan, Ai will know the type and number of entryways, window dormers, door dormers, etc. to be manufactured with your kit and can complete a Preliminary Building Kit Order Form.

While Ai is designing your dome plans, you can be completing all the other paperwork that is required to obtain a building permit. When your plans are finished, submit the plans and the other required paperwork to the building department for your building permit.

When you plans are finished, Ai will know the exact type and number of entryways, dormers, Parts List items and can complete a revised Building Kit Order Form showing exact items and quantities. Call Ai at 321-639-8777 and ask for the Order Form Description.

With building plans in hand, obtain bids for your foundation installation.  Your foundation does not need to be installed to take delivery of your dome kit.  It is quite normal that foundations do not get installed when thought due to weather, etc.  Your dome kit can be stored outside for 2-3 months, in nonfreezing weather, waiting for your foundation installation (some boxes and items should be stored indoors.)

The dome kit can be stored outside (in nonfreezing months) for the following reasons:

1)The steel reinforced concrete, noncombustible Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation & drywall are not harmed by rain;

2) American Ingenuity paints the EPS edges that extend out of the steel reinforced concrete.  The paint prevents UV light from harming the EPS.

3) The special 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor drywall on the interior of the dome panel is not conventional gypsum.  When conventional gypsum gets wet, the gypsum crumbles & paper face molds.  This special DensArmor drywall contains fiberglass face with special gypsum which allows it to be moisture resistant and mold resistant as there is no paper for food source for mold growth.  Even if the drywall gets wet and is allowed to dry out, per the manufacturer the DensArmor goes back to its original consistency.