8th Step - Site Clearing & Install Utilities.   Before removing any trees or disturbing any soil or plants obtain required permits.

Driveway ConstructionTo install a driveway from the main street or road to your house site, a permit may need to be issued showing culvert size, driveway width, driveway height, etc.  Please ask your building department about this.  The dome building kit will be delivered on a semi-truck that is 70 plus feet long.  If there is no turn around on your property, the truck can park at the street with the panels being forklifted or trailed to the site.  If the truck will be parked on the street, a permit may need to be obtained so you can block one lane of traffic.  Ai’s truck unloading document covers this possibility.

Install utilities as needed on your property

  1. If you have city water and sewer then there are minimum setbacks where nothing can be built next to these lines.  If you install a septic tank and drain field, the Health Department for your city or county will have requirements for size and setbacks from the tank and field where nothing can be built.
  2. Check your notes as you will have the phone number to call the Electric Power Company for installation requirements for your temporary electric power pole, lines & meter.

Clear site where your foundation will be installed and where dome panels will be stacked on pallets or boards.

To obtain the correct finished floor height, the building department will probably require a survey be taken from the crown of the nearest county or city maintained road to your building site location.  The floor is supposed to be so many inches above the crown of the road. This height will determine if fill has to be brought in and compacted, etc.  Soil under a foundation is to be compacted to 2,000 pounds per sq.ft load bearing pressure. If your soil will not compact to this number, the engineer could design the slab to be 6″ thick instead of 4″ and the footer size could change from 20″ tall to 16″ wide to 20″ tall and 20″wide. Each slab and footer size will be based on your soil psf.