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The American Ingenuity Dome provides savings in heating and air conditioning costs that often exceed 50% because of the following factors: reduced surface area, uninterrupted insulation, lower air infiltration and E.P.S. insulation that is over four times the thickness used in refrigerators.  One of our models received the Aurora Award for Residential Energy Efficiency, the Grand Award for The Most Energy Efficient Home in the southeast and was featured on the Cover of Popular Science. Our concrete and foam dome homes have received the EPA's Energy Star rating.

By the way it is even easier to heat the dome than to cool it.  We have domes in such cold climates as VT, ME, NY, MI, IL, WI, NE, Canada, etc.  When heating you can use the heat generated by light bulbs, refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes dryer, etc.  When air conditioning you have to overcome all these heat sources.

Our offices located in Rockledge Florida (east central Florida) consist of a 45 dome linked to a 34 dome with about 3,300 sq.ft under air-conditioning.  The average monthly air conditioning cost to maintain an interior temperature of 76 degrees during the middle of summer is $71.00.  That is better than most Floridians with half the square footage and this is a commercial building with ten computers in operation and nine office staff and guests.  Our air conditioner is a 4 ton water cooled heat pump.

One of our two bedroom two bath 1,200 sq.ft.(34') dome is located in Melbourne Florida.  It's average monthly air conditioning cost to maintain an interior temperature of 76 degrees during the middle of summer is $27.00



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