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 If you do not have the time or do not want to assemble the dome shell kit, we know of a working consultant that will supervise your or your contractorís laborers and assemble the shell.  The working consultantís daily cost is $275 plus room and travel expenses.  Rooms can be $50 a day plus travel expenses from Texas or Tennessee.  Using three to four good laborers and depending upon the size dome and type of hoisting mechanism you use, shell assembly can take from 8 to 15 days.  Once you decide on your floor plan, we can estimate the number of days needed to assemble the shell (cupola, entryways and dormers take longer to install than triangles).  

Click on Kit Assembly Consultant to learn more about this service.

You or your contractor hire conventional subcontractors to do the normal jobs like forming and pouring the slab, plumbing, electrical, framing, etc.  We figure you should not pay someone to come in from out of state to do work that your local subs can perform. 

A few years ago prior to the working consultant that supervises the shell assembly, some of our dome owners had to hire contractors or individuals that had never assembled one of our dome shell kits.  As a result the contractor had to overcharge the dome owner because they did not know what problems they would run in to.  Many times they would charge as much as the cost of the building kit for the labor cost to assemble the kit.

Sorry we do not give out the name of the assembly consultants.  They are on job sites and cannot be disturbed. So we answer all the assembly questions, etc. To contact us click on Contact Us.  It has been our experience due to delays with building departments and slab subcontractors, no project ever starts on time.  As a result, at the point when you have the building permit and the slab is formed up and ready to be poured within a few days, we will determine which consultant is available. 

A helpful web site is   It has construction manuals, construction estimating CD's, etc.

To learn more click on Kit Assembly to read our most common asked kit assembly questions and their answers.



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