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In Summary, Price for A Turn Key Dome


So what about the finished price of a conventional house compared to the costs to finish a dome? If the finished price per square foot to build a conventional house in your area is $84 per square foot and you want a 2,000 square foot house then the finished price for the conventional house would be about $168,000, if you do no labor yourself. If you want a one bedroom/one bath 22' dome of 373 sq.ft. then then the finished cost without land and utility hook ups is around $32,000.  The finished price of the dome will be about the same as a conventional house.... but you end up with more with the American Ingenuity dome. You end up with a super-insulated, super-strong house with no wood in or on the exterior walls and no shingles on the roof. The routine exterior maintenance is to paint the exterior with two coats of good quality exterior concrete paint. every 4-6 years.

Ai's standard 7" thick insulation is comparable to 11 inches of fiberglass batting. So if you really want to compare apples to apples, ask a conventional house builder how much more it will cost to have 11 inch thick fiberglass batting in the exterior walls and in the roof of a conventional house. And then ask the builder how much more it will cost to construct the conventional house with a hurricane, tornado guarantee. This analysis will really give you a true pricing comparison of the American Ingenuity dome kit to a conventional house shell.

The Ai Dome Shell Kit consists of triangular and riser panels that contain a core of seven inch thick expanded bead polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) with steel reinforced concrete on the exterior of the insulation and wall board on the interior of the insulation and all the panels for one entryway.  Your floor plan selection determines how many more entryways, dormers, etc. you will need to complete the shell for that floor plan.

By placing the component panels, locking the steel mesh, and concreting the seams you complete the structural framework, the exterior finish, the insulation and most of the interior shell wall board for your home's shell.

Normally most people do not know how to set roof trusses, install shingles, etc. the American Ingenuity Dome Shell Kit was specifically designed for the do-it-yourselfer to assemble; thus, if you assemble the shell you save additional money.

Once the dome kit is assembled, your local framers, plumbers, electricians, etc. finish the interior of the dome per the building plans which show your room arrangements.

The following are some general appearance and construction questions with their answers.

I am interested in the dome house concept but also want to know if you provide one in wood as in the Timberline Product series in California? Sorry our dome kits do not contain any wood or shingles, the exterior of the American Ingenuity Dome Home is concrete that you paint on site. To make the exterior of the dome appear more warm and friendly you can:
  • Install stone, cedar, or wood on the vertical walls around the doors and windows in the entryways and dormers.
  • Install a wooden deck off a second floor balcony. Or you could connect two balconies in the 36' or larger domes by a continuous deck.

  • Paint the dome a warm tan or soft moss green color.

  • Landscape with trees around the dome. Or install trellis with roses, vines, etc that can climb up to the second floor deck concealing the first floor of the dome.

  • Build a porch or deck off the first floor.

  • Install canopies off the top of the entryways and dormers.

What are the advantages with the concrete style over the wood style? The American Ingenuity Dome Shell Kit contains no wood to burn and no wood for termites to eat. There are no shingles to blow off in high winds. The American Ingenuity dome kit was also designed for owner builder assembly.  The exterior concrete gets painted with two coats of good quality exterior concrete paint. Repaint every four to five years.   Click on Low Exterior Maintenance to learn more.

Can someone like myself with general construction experience, build the kit with the assistance of a contractor? Yes, but if you feel uncomfortable supervising the assembly of your kit instead of hiring a contractor, you can hire the Kit Assembly Consultant. He will supervise your laborers and get the shell assembled. Then you hire local typical subs to do the plumbing, electrical, heating/airconditioning, framing, etc.  To learn more about hiring subcontractors and contractors, click on Choosing a Contractor.


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