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How Does The American Ingenuity

Dome Perform In Hot Climates?

Very Well.

American Ingenuity Domes are in the following Arizona cities: Lake Havaso, Hereford, Ganado, Prescot, Flagstaff. Utah cities of Roosevelt, Moab and Coalville. Such New Mexico cities as Albuquerque, Magdalene, El Prado, Carlsbad, Angel Fire, Las Cruces, Montezuma, Farmington, Ramah, and Sandia Park.

If you built the Ai dome in a hot climate, you would want to paint it a light color such as white, tan, light green, light blue, etc. to reflect the sun light.  One of our Florida clients can cool his 2,600 sq.ft. dome home for less than $134 a month in the hot summer months when his prior 1,500 sq.ft. box shaped house cost $150 a month to cool.  The insulation in the Ai dome consists of seven inch thick blocks of Expanded Bead Polysytyren (EPS) which is comparable to eleven inches of fiberglas batting...and there is no wood  interruping the insulation.  This thick insulation is one of the main reasons, the Ai dome can save you 50% to 70% off conventional box house cooling and heating costs.  Just to clarify, it is even easier to heat an Ai dome than to cool one.  When you heat, the furnace can use the heat produced by refrigerator motors, computers, dish washers, clothes dryers, light bulbs, bodies, etc. and does not have to over come this heat like an air conditioner has to.

American Ingenuity has domes in 46 states and 12 foreign areas. Ai Domes excel in very hot climates like New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

The panel concrete has been especially designed to work in hot climates. Concrete is an excellent and common building material in all temperate zones throughout the world.

The panel concrete is a special formulation containing synthetic fibers and liquid admixtures. These ingredients improve the concrete's characteristics, create super toughness, extend durability, make concrete impervious to water, give higher tensile and compressive strength, provide elasticity for expansion (for hot climates), and improve freeze protection.

The following is why we ship synthetic fibers with our Building Kit. Fibers in concrete work to reduce the formation of shrinkage cracks in concrete’s plastic state while helping to improve shatter resistance and reduce water migration. The result: tougher concrete.


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