Ai Dome Regular Price Sheet  

GEODESIC PREFAB CONCRETE DOME BUILDING KIT: Consists of all the triangular and 4’ riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway. Each component panel has 7″ R-28 expanded polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) and a prefinished exterior of concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh and fibers. All triangular and riser panels have Georgia Pacific ½” DensArmor Plus gypsum drywall on the interior surface. 15′ & 18′ kit come with 4′ risers & 2′ risers. 22’ & 27’ can have 5’ riser instead of 4’ risers.  30’- 48’ kits come with standard 4′ risers.  To increase first floor ceiling height where a second floor is above, on site install a one foot tall or two foot tall perimeter wall to increase the height to 8’6″ or 10’.

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Your floor plan selection determines the type and number of entryways and dormers -structural awnings which extend out from the dome. Under the awning a framed wall is installed to frame in your locally purchased exterior doors and windows.  To view entryway and dormer descriptions, click on Building Options.   To view stock floor plan layouts for each size dome, click on Stock Plans.  To view Plans Sale Pricing and Kit Sale Pricing for each stock plan, click on Plans & Kit Sale Pricing.    To view current Plans and Kit Discount off regular pricing, click on Discount.

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American Ingenuity 2017 Dome Kit Regular Pricing – see kit w/ entryway & plans discount coupon
DOME BUILDING KIT: Consists of all the triangular and 4’ riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway. Each component panel has 7" R-28 expanded polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) and a steel reinforced concrete exterior surface. All triangular and riser panels have Georgia Pacific ½” DensArmor Plus gypsum drywall on the interior surface. 15' & 18' kit come with 4' risers & 2' risers. 22’ & 27’ can have 5’ riser instead of 4’ risers. 30’- 48’ kits come with 4' riser. On site add one foot or two foot concrete wall above footer to build dome on.
Dome Diameter15'18'22’ 27' 30' 34' 36' 40' 45'48'
Maximum Living Area (sq. ft.)1722493707868781,2781,4181,9572,5822,992
Kit Price w' one entry - 4' risers. 7" EPS, 1/2" drywall. (15' & 18' have 4' +2' risers in kit) $16,080$17,997$21,300$28,034$31,364$36,811$39,884$45,941$54,393$60,111
Kit Price w' one entry - 4' risers. 3 1/2" EPS, and no 1/2" drywall.$15,217$16,947N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Entryway, Standard N/AN/AN/AN/A640660670685720750
Entryway, Garage$440$440440440640660670685N/AN/A
Entryway, High ProfileN/AN/AN/AN/A6206857308309401155
Window Dormer 1st Floor (WD)$345$345345345345345345345345345
Window Dormer 2nd Floor (WD)N/AN/AN/A345N/A345345345345345
1st Floor Door Dormer (DD)$345$345365375375375380385400410
2nd Floor Door Dormer (DD)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A435445465495
Each 5’ Riser instead of 4’ RiserN/AN/A314314N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Each 2’ Riser above 4’ Riser with Kitwith KitN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A314314
2’ Taller Entryway two base panels with Kitwith Kit122122122122122122122122
2’ Taller 1 st Fl DD two base panels $61$616161616161616161
9" Insulation call for pricingcall for pricing$2,014$2,440$2,650$3,090$3,340$3,715$4,305$4,795
Where doors & windows are located in the dome, structural awnings called entryways and dormers must be installed. The type & number of Building Options are determined by your choice of floor plan & whether you desire taller risers; therefore, each option is priced separately. If your plan contains only one entryway, custom risers can add $2,320 to $4,204 to your order. Entryway and Dormer panels consist of 3½" EPS with steel mesh attached (except for 22’ & 27’) requiring on-site concreting. Standard & High Profile entryway panels for 30’ and larger domes are concreted on the interior side. Call for Link pricing. Link can be purchased with wallboard. Links consist of precut 7” EPS. Steel mesh can be purchased from Ai. The link requires on-site mesh installation and concreting. * 45’ & 48’ dome kits with 9” insulation require two trucks for transport.
American Ingenuity Domes are designed with flexibility, allowing you to create your own personal home. Exterior doors & windows are purchased locally and installed onsite within the entryways and dormers using locally purchased materials. * For additional light, max out the second floor window dormers & door dormers. Install a tall window instead of a door within a door dormer. Or a solar tube can be installed onsite within a panel. (Do not cut within 8” of a seam). To view stock plans for each size dome, click on Dome Home Plans.
PAYMENTBuilding Kit orders require a 30-40% deposit. The balance, in the form of a cashier's check, is due 21 days prior to shipment. Florida residents add sales tax & your counties surtax. No credit card charges.
SHIPPINGAmerican Ingenuity can arrange shipping on 53’ step deck semi-trucks. Freight varies from $2.50 to $2.90 per mile ($800 minimum) per truck, from Ai plant in Rockledge, Florida. One truck can carry one 30', 34', 36’, 40', 45', or 48' kit w’ 7” EPS, or two 22’ or two 27' kits. Link for USA shipping info. Link for International Shipping info.
AVAILIBILITYAllow 8 to 16 weeks after completing a Building Kit Order Form, Conditions of Sale with Material Order Agreement.
(2 SETS)
15'18'22’ 27'30’34’36’40’45’48'
Stock Plans$994$994$1,134$1,134$1,198$1,261$1,294$1,333$1,427$1,514
Garage Plans FromN/AN/A$971$971$1,016$1,062$1,077$1,204$1,276$1,343
Modified Stock Plans from$1,165$1,165$1,365$1,365$1,410$1,501$1,544$1,578$1,652$1,771
Custom Plans from$1,310$1,310$1,510$1,510$1,585$1,801$1,919$2,033$2,252$2,371
Basement Plans from**N/AN/A$971$971$1,016$1,062$1,077$1,204$1,276$1,343
·Plans Pricing does not include printing or shipping. To view Plans Sale Pricing, please click on Sale and scroll down the page to see the Plans Sale Chart.
**The standard foundation under Ai’s domes is a concrete slab. Other types of foundations; i.e. basements, stem wall, pilings, require the hiring of an engineer. Call for engineer pricing.
Building Plan sets contain 13 - 17 blueprints typically provided with any type of housing and include floor plans, exterior elevations, and dome shell section view, top view showing panel placement, floor joist framing plans, structural details, and locations of plumbing and electrical fixtures. Engineer Seal is not included. To view listing of plan sheets, click on Plans FAQ and scroll down the page to view the listing.
Plans may be purchased with a credit card, check or money order. Stock plans utilize a concrete slab foundation and are delivered within 2-4 weeks, Allow at least 5 modified plans and 10-12 weeks for custom plans.
Conditions and costs may change requiring our prices to increase without prior notice