As a leader in the prefab building kit industry, American Ingenuity’s mission statement is to continue manufacturing prefab concrete dome building kits that are affordable, strong and energy efficient by continually:

  • Manufacturing the Ai prefabricated panels utilizing the latest cutting edge materials.
  • Offering Names of Independent Kit Assembly Consultants to supervise the assembly of the concrete dome kit.

Exterior Office lots of green

Above is photo of Ai’s dome offices - 45′ dome linked to 34′ dome with 3,700 sq.ft.  The office domes can be cooled for less than $55 a month in the hot Florida summer months.  To view office electric bills, click on Super Energy Efficient.  Never fear if you live up north, the Ai dome is even easier to heat than to cool.  To cool, the air conditioner has to overcome heat generated by computers, refrigerator, clothes dryer, dish washer, sun light, etc.  To heat the heat generated is utilized.  The AC or furnace will be one third smaller than would have been needed for the same square footage conventional house.

Exterior factory dome 60 P4250117

American Ingenuity manufactures the prefabricated component panels for the concrete dome building kits within three domes.  60′ in diameter dome pictured above and 48′ dome and 45′ dome shown below.

Exterior factory domes P4250122

American Ingenuity’s Factory in Rockledge Florida.
The dome on the far right is a 48′ dome which was built in 1983.
It is the first dome built from American Ingenuity’s patented component panel

To learn about South Carolina Dome that won EPA’s Energy Star, click on Energy Star.

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The Ai dome kit can be a Do It Yourself Project, to learn more click on Owner Builder.

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To learn more about Ai’s building kit assembly, click on Kit Assembly.

To learn more about Kit Assembly Consultants, click on Assembly Consultant.

To learn more about super-energy efficiency, click on Energy FAQ.


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