The following info covers Becoming a Dealer: 

DealerBuilder Program:  American Ingenuity no longer offers a Dealer/Builder Program because all kits are discounted to everyone at the same discount.  There is no longer a wholesale price where the Dealer/builder could purchase the kit at lower price than what is published on our web site and then resale the kit.  Everyone can purchase the Ai dome kit at the same discounted price.   As a result Ai cannot restrict where builders can build models.

Because the panels are prefabricated and contain all the insulation, interior drywall and 80% of the finished concrete roof all ready installed, the kit can be assembled by the dome owner utilizing family and friends. All the panels come marked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.

The dome kit assembly can be a Do It Yourself project or the dome owner can hire a builder to complete all phases of the dome kit construction.  Either the owner builder or the builder can hire the independent Kit Assembly Consultant to supervise the kit assembly. The plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall finishing, kitchen cabinet installation, etc. are completed by either the owner builder or subcontractors.  Ai would love to answer any questions you have about kit assembly. Please call us at 321-639-8777 Monday - Friday 9-t eastern time.