Just who is Glenda Busick?

And why is she spending so much time, energy and money on the Wechsler-Altman contest for State Representative District 30?? She isn’t even a candidate!

Busick became an activist 14 years ago, during an era when politics in Brevard were so convoluted ---- so Machiavellian –--- that citizens around the County rallied and protested whatever way they could ---- determined to regain control over their arrogant, elitist County Commissioners.

Their deceit and duplicity so incensed her; she took a year off from her family business to attend Commission meetings, research County records and newspaper clippings, and put together a whistle blowing book called Brevard Good Ole Boys. It sold 25,000 copies in 4 months. Former Commissioner Thad Altman, was one of the main characters. This was his Board! Two years after the book was released he ran for Supervisor of Elections and was handily defeated by a new comer to politics.

Now Mr. Altman is running against Bruce Wechsler for the Florida House Seat 30. He apparently believes that the voters by now have forgotten his former misdeeds. But Busick has not forgotten.

Her book contains a clear record of Mr. Altman’s votes and activities. He threatened to sue her when the book first came out, but never did. The issues she discussed are too well documented by public records.

The following are some techniques to easily find Mr. Altman’s votes and activities in the book:

Mr. Altman voted to remove Brevard’s 10% tax cap on court and correctional costs. When questioned he responded quote, "I do not need to answer or be examined here by a member of the public. My voting record speaks for itself." (Chapter 13 To Cap or Not To Cap)

Yes Mr. Altman, your record Does speak for itself.

Furthermore, they apparently always planned to use property taxes despite what they told the Public. How did the Board of County Commissioners pull off this deception?

Two years earlier June 1989, they had passed an ordinance which banned use of property taxes to lease-purchase equipment worth no more than $5 million. This was so noncontroversial no one came to the Public Hearing. Yet Commissioners right away dispatched it for approval from a bond validation court.

They never used the original ordinance for its alleged purpose. As soon as the court OK’ed it they set an emergency meeting and changed the terms Ok’ed by the Court. The amended ordinance now made property taxes available for lease-purchase of high cost capital projects. They then immediately let the contract for the lease-purchase of the Government Center buildings.

When taxpayers demanded their constitutionally guaranteed referendum on the project, Commissioners insisted that what they did had been approved by the Court and no referendum was required or granted!

The so called emergency was the Comptroller’s belief that interest rates might increase soon and cost taxpayers a lot of money! Labeling the meeting "emergency" evaded the requirement that public hearings be advertised. An "emergency" is what a Board of County Commissioners says it is, according to state law. (Chapter 3 Every Lease-Purchase has a Black Lining.)

While supplies last, Busick will make FREE copies of her book Brevard Good Ole Boys available to District 30 registered voters. To obtain a free copy of the book all you have to do is present your voter registration card and be registered to vote in district 30. Books are available at the following businesses or call


Palm Bay, Wagon Wheel Pizza at 724-4769

Melbourne: Copies Unlimited at 984-8749 & Simply Fit 242-5940

Satellite Beach: Bagel World Deli & Coffee Café at 773-5422

Rockledge: American Ingenuity at 639-7174