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Possible Builders and SubConstractors

Although we would not pass on a builder who we know to be a problem, this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. These individuals are not American Ingenuity employees and therefore we can not guarantee their performance. As with any builder, acquire references and recommendations from recent customers. Before selecting a contractor read our information sheet on Choosing a Contractor and before committing to a builder, call us for our latest review/input.

Due to the number of cell phones in use, telephone companies have to change area codes quite often. We never know when an area code is changed. So if you call one of these numbers and you get a message like, "This number is no longer in service," the first thing you should do is see if the area code has been changed. If you still cannot get through, please email us by clicking on Contact Us and let us know the name of the person you can't get ahold of so we can investigate and correct the number.


  • Patricia and David Ballard 334-992-2914 Ballard Construction, 25673 Alabama Hwy.10, Dixon Mills, Al 36736. They have not built any Ai domes but they want to.


  • Dan Murphy with Peaks Contracting 520-526-6598, Flagstaff AZ. He has built a 45' Ai dome.


  • Barry Brouhard, lives in Platteville. 970-785-6383 cell 970-576-6220. He completed his own Ai 40' dome with attached 34' dome. He is interested in helping other owners in building their domes in Colorado.
  • Eddie Monarchi, has helped built an Ai 40’ dome, willing to build for others. 719-738-1251. 36224 County Rd 520, Walsenburg, Co 81089.


  • Cliff Sauve built an Ai 60' dome in the Northwest Territory of Canada. 13 Balsam St.,Ottawa Ontario, K1R 6W9.
  • Gord Harris has built an Ai Dome 519-588-5239.

Caribbean-St Kitts-Nevis:

  • Dr. Mervyn Laws and Henry are American Ingenuity's Dealer Builder for St. Kittts. Dr. Laws, Henry, and Brian Henry purchased two 40' A.I. Domes.  Tel: 869-465-2837, Fax 869-465-2897.
  • Dr. G. Astaphan with Pirates Nest Development Co LTD, POBox 168, #1 Church St, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies. Fax 869-466-6455, phone 869-466-6456. He has not built any of our domes, but is a developer and builder in St. Kitts-Nevis.


  • Fred Drake at Precision Contracting built an Ai dome. He is a contractor home based in Kingston which is between Albany and NYC. He will travel the tri-state area of NY, NJ and CT. 845-224-5503.


  • Liz Davis Live Oak: 32060 386-658-2122, Cell 941-456-5696. She did a good job as owner builder of her own Ai dome. She has good workers to pass on.
  • Ashley & Reynolds Tanner Venus: 33960 Reynolds. Home 863-699-1447, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it He is considering building domes for others. They built an Ai 45’ dome and 34’ screen dome.
  • Jeff Hoot Bryceville: 32009 904-266-4000, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Built his own Ai 40’ dome. He is interested in building domes for others.
  • Charles Lovelace North Ft. Meyers: 33917 N Ft Meyers Fl 33917 239-823-7044. He is a subcontractor, will coordinate all subs for the job and help get the building permit, with client being owner builder.
  • David Jones Midwest Florida: 904-795-3722 Has built Ai domes. He knows of carpenters/cabinet installation, will travel within 40 miles of Citrus County.
  • Jerry Saslaw Spring Hill: 1-800-500-4544, 352-596-0602, Spring Hill Fl. He has built Ai domes.
  • Rickey Schrader New Smyrna Beach: Built a dome in New Smyrna Beach FL, 2414 Juniper Dr. Edgewater Fl 32141 Phone (904)428-5488.


  • Bill Moorehead 706-213-0455 built his own 27’ wood dome and has also built an Ai Dome. He is interested in building domes for others. Elberton GA 30635.
  • Peter Kelley W: 404-782-2524, H: 404-782-6300 fax: 1-800-332-3827, PO BOX 167 or Oasis Dr. Lake Mont, GA 30552. Has built many domes including an Ai dome.


  • Ron Reese Construction. He has built an Ai Dome in Sagle, ID 208-263-6193, 208-265-0702.

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