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Dome Building Kit Contents

Your American Ingenuity dome building kit contains all of the component panels you need to build the basic dome exterior shell and one entryway. These panels include the triangular shaped panels, the four foot tall rectangular shaped riser panels and one set of entryway panels.

To view the pricing for our the basic dome building kit which includes one entryway, click on Basic Kit Prices.

The Floor Plan you select will determine the type and number of additional entryways, window dormers, door dormers, cupola, skylights and link you will need. Click on Building Options to learn more. To view the listing of our stock plans which includes the type and number of building options for each plan, click on Stock Plans & Stock Kit Prices.  

The triangle and rectangle shaped component panels consist of:

  • A seven inch thick block of R-28 expanded bead polystyrene insulation.
  • On the exterior of the insulation is a layer of ½” to ¾” thick steel reinforced concrete
  • On the interior of the insulation is ¼” thick Georgia-Pacific wall board.

The Dome Shell Assembly consists of:

  • Placing the component panels upon a temporary wooden rib system or radial supports.
  • Interlocking the steel mesh between the panels.
  • Concreting the seams between the panels.
  • Concreting the panels for the entryways, dormers, cupola and link. You do not concrete over the entire dome.
  • Finishing the seams between the interior shell wall board with joint compound and tape just as you would finish sheet rock.

Besides the shell component panels and one entryway, the Building Kit includes:

  • Concrete fibers that are mixed with your bags of Portland cement and sand
  • Two concrete liquid admixtures that are mixed with your Portland cement and sand
  • Reinforcing tension wire
  • Concrete bonding agent which is used to bond the two layers of seam concrete
  • Connecting C-rings (commonly called hog rings) to interlock the steel mesh
  • C-ring pliers
  • Assembly Manual

A general assembly overview with pictures is given at Construction Overview.  Please scroll down the page to view the pictures.

To learn what items are not included in the Building Kit, click on Not Included.


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