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Within the Planning Kit there is a DVD and a 60 page Stock Floor Plan Booklet which contains stock plans for the 22' through 48' domes (60' plans are custom). Also in the back of the booklet are blank floor planners for each size dome. The floor planner for each size dome shows the exact locations where entryways, window dormers and door dormers are possible in the dome shell. To order the Planning Kit click on Online Store.  Or call us at 321-639-8777 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Ai will email the stock plans and blank floor plans to you.


Entryways in the 3-frequency domes (30', 34', 36', 40', 45' & 48') can be standard, high profile or garage.  A standard entryway is 8' tall and provides an opening where standard 6' 8" doors can be installed.  High profile entryway allow enough height that 8' tall doors can be installed or glass can be installed above standard 6'8" doors.  Garage entryways are used in garage domes.  To view the widths and heights of all the domes entryways, click on Specifications.

Only garage entryways are available in the two frequency domes (22' and 27'). Entryway panels for the 22' and 27' dome consist of 3 1/2" thick E.P.S.   There is no steel mesh or concrete on the 22' or 27' entryway panels.  

Entryway panels for the 30' or larger domes utilize 3 1/2" thick E.P.S. wrapped in steel mesh, are preconcreted on the underside surface and have a precast trough on the outer edge. On site, you place rebar into the trough, fill the trough with concrete and concrete the outside surface. The openings under the entryways are framed in on the site to fit your choice of standard windows and doors that you purchase locally.

Window Dormers

Window dormer panels consist of 3 1/2" thick E.P.S. wrapped with steel mesh ready for on site stucco. The openings under the dormers are framed in on site to fit standard windows that you purchased locally. Click on Window Sizes to learn more.

If I want to install a single window what option do I use? First Floor Window Dormers or Second Floor Window Dormers.

On the first floor of the dome, window dormers are installed above any riser panel in all of the Ai domes. You can place second floor window dormers in any of five locations in the 27', 34', 36', 40', 45', 48'.  In the 60' dome, a second floor window dormer can be in ten locations.

Second floor window dormers are not available in the 22' or 30' domes. To get opening windows on the second floor of the 22'  install other companies opening skylights by cutting a hole in the preconcreted panels & installing the skylight per the manufacturer's directions.  In the 30' dome use a cupola where you can install five standard opening windows and for indirect light use a few skylights.

Can a window dormer or door dormer be installed above a high profile entryway? No.

What do the window dormers consist of? Three panels of precut 3 1/2" E.P.S. wrapped with steel mesh. After the window dormers are installed in the dome shell, concrete is applied on site.

To get a building permit, do I have to have certain size windows in the bedrooms for fire egress? Depends on your area's building codes. In Florida the building departments require first floor bedroom windows to be at least 44” from the floor. Second floor windows cannot be more than 44' above the floor and cannot be less than 24".  The window has to be 20" horizontal dimension by 24" vertical dimension. When the window is open it has to have 5.7 square feet of opening space.  In Florida your building plans have to show the size windows and doors that you will use (if it is not an bedroom egress window, you can later downsize the windows that are shown on the just cannot increase their size).  In Florida when you submit for your building permit, you have to show the window and door model numbers, manufacturer and provide the manufacturer's spec sheet that shows the windows and doors comply with that area's wind speed requirements.  If your area has 120 mph wind speed, you are required to have impact resistant glass or shutters.

Door Dormers

Where can door dormers be installed? On the first floor of the all the Ai domes and on the second floor of the 36', 40', 45' and 48' domes.

First Floor Door Dormers: are a way to install a single door. The first floor door dormer can replace most riser wall panels on the ground floor of all the domes. Utilize first floor door dormers for single exterior doors such as kitchen or garage exits. Like window dormers, the door dormer panels are precut from 3 1/2" thick E.P.S., wrapped in steel mesh and are stuccoed on site during construction.

Second Floor Door Dormer: Pair a second floor door dormer with a standard entryway for an upstairs balcony in the 36', 40', 45' and 48' domes. Structural door dormers may be located in any of five locations on the second floor of the 36' thru 48' domes.  A second floor door dormer cannot be installed above a high profile entryway.

Second floor door dormers are not available in the 22', 27', 30', 34', or 60' domes.


Ai recommends that you build the cupola only if you want a third floor loft or to have a second floor area to install standard opening windows in the 30' dome. The cupola is a way to add height to the top center of the dome and another way to have opening second floor windows. With the installation of a cupola, there is enough headroom in the 40' and larger domes to have a third floor loft.  Cupolas are not available in the 22' or 27' domes.

Due to the 5 windows in the cupola, hot air or cold air will come in your dome, increasing your heating and cooling costs.

Cupolas require three partial days for assembly because the concrete has to have time to cure during each process (this does not include framing  for the windows or the installation of the windows).

  • First Partial Day of 5 hours: concrete beam around top opening is formed and poured.
  • Second Partial Day of 5 hours: concrete corner columns are framed and poured.
  • Third Partial Day of 5 hours: set top five panels, attach overhang panels and apply first coat of concrete in their seams. 
  • During the rest of the partial days, workers can complete window dormers and door dormer installations.


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