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Prior to the recession some building departments in California could require that the dome kit and other building kits be certified by the State of California.  As a result of the recession & this requirement less homes were being built resulting in less property tax revenue.  Some building departments have relaxed their permitting demands to stimulate construction.

American Ingenuity (Ai) has sold domes into such California areas as Forest Ranch, Crestline, Borrego Springs, Lake Elsinore, Summerset and Hanford. Currently Ai has preliminary building kit approval in the California counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Trinity and San Diego County.

For those interested in obtaining a California building permit for American Ingenuity’s concrete dome housing kit in areas other than the California counties described above, give us your parcel ID number, building department name & phone number and Ai will call the building department, discuss Ai's building kit, and email generic California engineer sealed plans and California engineer sealed engineering statement that says: “The panel composition of the geodesic dome buildings are certified by me as being designed in accordance with and conforms to the intent of the California Residential Code as allowed alternative materials and methods for residential construction per section R104.11  Georgia-Pacific’s DensArmor Plus High Performance Interior ½” Gypsum Wallboard is used as the interior face of the panels which meets the thermal barrier requirements of R719 as shown by third party testing.”  Ai will find out if you submit California Engineer Sealed Plans, California engineer sealed engineering statement, California engineer sealed snow, seismic, wind & bracing calculations, a passing Title 24 Energy Report along with all other required paperwork whether an American Ingenuity dome can be built.

American Ingenuity Office number: 321-639-8777.  Mon - Fri 9-5 eastern time. Or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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