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 As a leader in the housing industry, the mission of American Ingenuity is to develop superior home kits that are affordable, strong and energy efficient by continually:
  • Developing cutting edge construction methods
  • Developing dome communities that will be a prototype for other USA communities
  • Training dedicated Kit Assembly Consultants to the highest construction and ethical values. Consultants who will travel to construction sites to assemble domes while representing American Ingenuity’s standard of excellence.
To learn more about the finished price of an Ai Dome, click on Finished.
To learn more about A.I.'s building kit assembly, click on Overview.
To learn more about our first Dome Community, click on Community.
To learn more about Kit Assembly Consultants, click on Assembly Consultant.
To learn more about super-energy efficiency, click on Energy FAQ.
To learn more about super-strength, click on Strength.

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