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One of the main reasons our company has been in business over 30 years and is very reputable, is that we try to treat all our customers the same. Our business philosophy and product is unique to the housing industry. We believe that each person should pay for only what they need. As a result, our dome kit's pricing is usually one half less than other housing kits.   To learn more click on Finished Cost.

  • Each person who wants to research our kit further can do so by purchasing the Planning Kit with a CD or a DVD.  To order literature, please use our shopping cart or call our office at 321-639-8777.  And if we gave out a Planning Kit and video to 100-200 people a month, that cost would be paid by the Building Kit client.
  • Plus most of our clients do not need engineer sealed building plans in order to obtain a building permit. As a result the engineer seal is a separate cost.  To learn more click on Engineer Sealed Plans.
  • Ai does not make a profit on the building plans.  We design plans as a service so that our clients obtain a floor plan to fit their lifestyle.

There is more than one reason why we have set up our business this way.

The first reason is: American Ingenuity has decided that our objective is to offer highly energy efficient homes at the lowest possible price. Ai operates like a "Cash and Carry Business". To do this, Ai cannot burden the cost of our business with the expenses resulting from trying to collect bills from people who do not pay.

A second reason that Ai is like a "Cash and Carry Business" is that anyone can pick up their building kit at our Rockledge Florida Plant and make the final payment at that time. Of course we will load the kit on a semi-truck of your choosing or we can coordinate the shipping. By the way the trucks that transport the kits carry cargo insurance. 

A third reason: it is more practical for a buyer to check the credibility and financial history of a business than vice a versa.

American Ingenuity is also looking for ways you as an individual can check our financial responsibility without incurring a cost. We have an excellent rating with Dunn & Bradstreet. They will provide that information to subscribers like lending institutions, businesses, etc. at no cost but they do charge individuals and nonsubscribers to access this information. Our Dunn & Bradstreet number is 07-727-8844, our rating is 2A1. Their number is 800-234-3867.


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