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Structural And Decorative Columns

The following information came from Edra Ecosystems's web site

We manufacture and represent a revolutionary new product that now is being launched in the US market. Our offices and warehouse are located in Florida; however, our company has been established for over two decades in Brazil, specializing in recycled and ecological products that are known for their quality and durability.

At this time, we are pleased to announce our new line of structural and decorative columns, an innovative and unique product that can be used by either builders or decorators as a simple and very inexpensive solution to the present products available.

The columns are produced by using the centrifugation technique and have a perfectly smooth surface, primed with epoxy and can easily be painted. They are very simple to install and are delivered apart or assembled, depending on the customer requirement.

In addition to these benefits, the columns are also resistant to humidity, UV-radiation and any other environmental impact. And last, but not least, our columns can be filled with concrete, and used

for structural purpose.

We also manufacture an exciting ecological composite material called “EcoMix”. This material is a great alternative to pressure treated lumber. “EcoMix” can be molded, drilled, cut, even with rebars.” EcoMix” is manufactured with plastic and sugar cane. It’s stronger than lumber and virtually indestructible. A few of each use are support posts, railroad ties and fences.

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