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What are the different methods

of contracting to build

my Dome Home?

If you choose to not be an owner builder, then you may want to hire a contractor to coordinate all the phases of your dome construction except for the shell assembly. To review the planning phases to own a dome home click on Planning Process to own a Dome. Remember you can hire a Kit Assembly Consultant who will supervise your laborers or your contractor's laborers and get the dome shell kit assembled. That way you are not hiring someone to supervise the assembly of the kit who has never done it before.

When contracting the construction of your new steel reinforced concrete dome, you will most likely use a residential building contractor who will work with you in one of four ways:

1. Bid or Estimated Price: Your contractor takes the set of plans, bids out all phases of the project to subcontractors, and provides you with a total cost to build your home (gross dollar total or total cost per square foot). In this case, you place all responsibility for the project in your contractor’s hands.

2. Cost Plus Flat Fee: Contractor does the same as described in the first version, but adds a flat fee dollar amount to cover for his/her involvement in the project. This allows you more participation in the building process, and covers your contractor for their time.

3. Cost Plus Percentage Fee (Cost Plus Contract): If you anticipate a good deal of participation in the building process, including changing and/or upgrading as you proceed through construction, many contractors will bill you a percentage fee based on the completed cost of the home. It is a way to cover you and the contractor when you make changes not anticipated during planning and bidding phases.

4. Fee Percentage Contract: When you wish to be extremely active in all aspects of construction and material selection, your contractor will offer you a fee percentage contract, or a percent of the total cost of building your home, no matter what you decide throughout the process.

By clearly defining the level of participation you wish to have in the construction process, and you select a contractor with a suitable program, chances are you will have an enjoyable building experience.


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