The Dog Dome Kit when completed is four feet in diameter and 30" high in the center.  A 70 LB Boxer Bull dog crawled into the dog dome easily.

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This dog dome was the first prototype.                        The current kit when assembled looks like this 

It did not have any riser panels.  The boxer                 and has six inch tall riser panels.

would get down on his knees and crawl

inside the dog dome.




                                                            A dog dome is being assembled.


Dog Dome Kit Assembly:  Assemble the 1 1/2" thick expanded bead polystyrene (E.P.S.) panels by rows, attaching them to one another with pins and foam adhesive.  Reinforce the seams with the fiberglass tape.  Coat the entire exterior with a thin 1/4" layer of fiber reinforced concrete, then paint.  Finish the interior as you choose.

Dog Dome Kit Includes:  1 1/2" E.P.S. insulation panels consisting of 39 precut triangular panels, 9 precut rectangular six inch tall riser panels and a precut entryway.  The kit also includes an E.P.S. Base, fiberglass reinforced tape, fibers and admixtures, assembly instructions.

The Dog Dome Kit Price is $99 not including UPS shipping on 26 lbs.

Shipping of Dog Dome Kits: The kits can be shipped on the same truck as a Dome Building Kit at no additional charge. If the Dog Dome Kit is ordered separately, allow for shipping by UPS, estimated to be $14-$18 depending upon the distance.