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for $224,000

The following is the sales information that was presented to the public in 2006. 

One Owner-Builder of an American Ingenuity dome complex is planning to relocate to Florida. He has decided to sell his dome complex in the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina.

The dome complex consists of one fully furnished 40’ dome home (2 Bedroom, 2 ½ bath 1,600 sq.ft.) linked to a 27’ two car garage. A concrete foundation for a 34’ screen dome is connected to the 40’ dome. 

These domes are situated on the high point of 6.9 acres of land. 5.5 acres are pasture land, 1.4 acres are hardwood forest. The domes sit on a hill with a gorgeous view.


This dome home consists of an American Ingenuity 40' dome linked to a 27', two car garage. The garage first floor is 555 sq.ft. with a 16 foot wide overhead door and a 680 sq.ft. attic. The attic floor is fully suspended from the dome shell so their are no columns or supporting walls to interrupt the garage first floor.

Dome Home Features:

  • Fully furnished with quality items including two king size beds and a solid wood book wall from Denmark.

  • Draperies by ADO – “Draperies with the Gold Thread.”

  • Jacuzzi

  • Non-vented gas log fire place.

  • Flooring: combination of laminate “hardwood style”, tiles and Berber carpet.

  • Heating/Cooling: by means of a Geothermal heat pump, using latent sun energy which is stored in the ground with 1,000 feet of hermetically sealed special plastic pipe loop, at a 6 feet depth.

  • Water Heating: tank-less, on-demand propane gas water heater unit.

Construction: Steel reinforced concrete shell with 7” thick E.P.S polystyrene insulation.

Insulation value: R-28 which is comparable to 11” of fiberglass insulation.

Construction complies with 1995 CABO Code, One/two Family Category.

This dome has been occupied by the original owner since April 30, 2002.

This Geodesic Dome Home is super energy efficient with a low environmental impact. It has been tested by a third party independent testing company and was subsequently certified as an ENERGY STAR HOME by EPA. The home actually uses 61 percent less energy than a comparably sized home designed to the 1993 Model Energy Code standard.

This home is super strong and is designed to withstand the powerful forces of nature. A limited guarantee assures against any structural storm damages as a result of the ravages of tornados, earth quakes and hurricanes. The dome will survive wild fires.

For the year 2003, the monthly average electrical cost was $48.88. This cost includes: heating and cooling, well pump operation, hot water heating, cooking, laundry and sanitary. Typically the heating and cooling costs are about one half of the total electric bill.

Water is a deep well which is sunken into granite rock for purest, unpolluted natural water.

Dome surroundings: a system of six frost free garden hydrants, three European style garden lamps, one European masonry decorative garden grill, two decorative statues from Italy.

Patio: 34 feet diameter concrete platform with 3 electrical outlets and one hose hydrant.

Utility Dome: 12 feet diameter for utensils, lawn mover, water tank and filter.



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