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22’ Eco Custom Cottage Dome Building Kit*


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Have you dreamed about living in a super-Green, super strong home? Would you like good living in small spaces? American Ingenuity has the solution for you.  A 371 sq. ft. tiny home.  Can't envision living in such a tiny home, Click on Ikea YouTube to see video filmed by an Ikea customer in Ikea store.

This is a 22 foot in diameter dome kit, which Ai has customized. This custom 22’ in diameter dome when finished has a first floor living space of 371 sq. ft. with an optional attic of 127 sq. ft. Ai has raised the riser wall height from four feet to five feet.  The additional one foot in height increases the attic square footage to 127 sq. ft., which is an additional 46 sq. ft. over the basic 22’ dome building kit.  The exterior of each triangle & riser panel is steel reinforced concrete.   The middle of the panel is 7" EPS insulation (R-28) with 1/2" Georgia Pacific DensArmor Gypsum Wallboard adhered to the underside of the EPS with wallboard adhesive.  Ai has based the pricing for this kit upon Ai selecting the week/day of shipment during the month agreed upon by Buyer & Ai. *The Eco Custom Cottage Kits pricing, cannot be combined with other sales offers or discounts.


22 Ft Dome

Dome kit consisting of all the component prefab panels to assemble the dome shell, one entryway, two window dormers, one door dormer and misc items. No windows or exterior doors are included.  No interior items are included other than the interior 1/2" Georgia Pacific shell wallboard.  Call American Ingenuity for shipping details.   Does your building department require engineer sealed plans and an Energy Report to issue a building permit?  If so those items can be purchased through Ai.  

Approximate room sizes once the interior walls are framed in:  Bedroom 10'10" x 7'; closet 2' x 6'; living 7'5" x 10'7"; kitchen 11' x 10'7"; Washer Dryer area 3'5" x 3'3"; Bath 7'3" x 9'.  Approximate attic area between five feet six inches and seven feet ten inches in height is 109 sq.ft.

Each prefab panel’s core is 7" EPS (expanded polystyrene) R-28 insulation precisely angle cut to form the geodesic shape.   Applied to the outside is pre-finished three quarters inch concrete, reinforced with galvanized steel mesh and fibers.  Applied to the interior is half inch Georgia Pacific DensArmor gypsum wallboard....gypsum has silicon and its facing is fiberglass instead of paper.  Wallboard is moisture resistant and mold resistant. No wood in or on the shell to rot or for termites to eat or to burn.  No shingles to blow off in high winds.  On site the exterior concrete is primed and painted with paint.

The kit assembly begins after the foundation and floor are completed and a temporary wooden rib system is assembled in the geodesic shape.  The assembly process consists of stacking the panels on the rib system using a man lift, overlapping and locking the steel mesh of adjacent panels, filling the seams with special formulated concrete and concreting of the entryways and dormers.  Finish the interior wall board seams with tape and joint compound.  This process produces the structural components, completes the finished exterior surface, installs the insulation and all the interior shell wallboard.  To view a video on the 22' Assembly, please click on Special Hideaway.

On site, under the entryways and dormers a 2x4 or 2x6 wall is framed in to install your locally purchased doors and windows.

The concrete applied in the seams and on the entryways and dormers is sponge finished to match the pre-finished texture of the concrete panels. The dome is primed with concrete primer and then painted with two coats of exterior concrete paint to achieve the color you desire.

All panels are premarked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual. The most successful dome kit assemblies result when the home owner hires the independent Kit Assembly Consultant to supervise the temporary rib system assembly & the kit assembly. If your budget is tight consider hiring the Consultant for a minimum of three days to supervise the rib system assembly, concrete mixing and first row of panel assembly.....just to get you started.  If you desire to hire a builder, he or she can hire the Assembly Specialist to supervise their workers to get the dome kit assembled with the first layer of concrete in the seams and on the entryways and dormers.  To view Ai’s web site file about the independent Specialist, please click on Specialist.

Prior to assembly of the dome kit, a temporary wooden rib system is assembled using your own 2x4’s cut to specific lengths (or you can purchase the cut, drilled, painted 2x4's from Ai), bolts/nuts/washers purchased from Ai  and steel hubs borrowed from American Ingenuity by placing a $455 deposit.  This deposit covers a 5 month rental period ($20 a month thereafter).  Once the dome kit is assembled, the rib system is removed with the client mailing or UPSing the hubs back to Ai to receive a deposit refund.  Triangle Panels weight 155 to 180 lbs. Risers weight 255 lbs.  During assembly the panels are placed with some type of hoisting mechanism.  Lifting spikes are purchased from Ai.  To view American Ingenuity’s web site file that explains the rib system, please click on Support System. If importing the kit out of the USA, buyer purchases the steel hubs from Ai.

Please check with your building department, some have minimum house square footage requirements .  If the 22' dome will not meet their requirements. Ai manufactures a 27' in diameter dome that can have 555 sq.ft. on the first floor and 225 sq.ft. on the second floor for a total of 780 sq.ft.  To view Ai's web page that lists the dome sizes with their square footages, please click on Dome Sizes.

Please contact your building department and ask:

  • If there is a minimum size new house requirement?
  • Do they require a garage be built with the house? If so is there a minimum size garage requirement?
  • What do they require to issue a building permit?  Do they require engineer sealed plans and an Energy Report?  If so, those items can be purchased through American Ingenuity. The Energy Report has evolved into a very specific and technical report that requires Ai to have specific window and exterior door info (frame type, double pane or impact resistant glass), Low E number, U factor, SHGC number to fill out the Energy Report.  This means the dome buyer will shop for their exterior doors and windows and provide detailed spec sheets to Ai about each door and window, their water heater and AC/furnace.
22’ Eco Custom Cottage Dome Building Kit Package Includes:
  • All the prefab panels to assemble the 22’ shell with 7" EPS, five foot tall riser panels and the panels for one entryway, two window dormers, one door dormer.
  • Assembly Manual
  • Parts lists items to suspend the optional attic: 7suspension rods with top and bottom plates with Simpson Hangers.
  • 8 cans of expanding foam. Metal Dispensing Gun, and two cans of cleaner.
  • Five - 4x8 sheets of 1” EPS insulation for entryway, door dormer, window dormer framing
  • 134 sq.ft. of ¼” x ¼” galvanized steel mesh as lathe for entryway, door dormer and window dormer framing 
  • Misc. items: C rings, two pair C ring pliers, bonding agent, synthetic fibers and liquid admixtures A & B for cement and two steel cables (wrap around dome).

The Kit does not include building plans, engineer seal on plans, energy report, shipping cost, foundation (monolithic slab), assembly costs, purchase of lifting spikes , purchase of 144 bolts/nuts/washers, deposit on 26 steel hubs, precut 2x4’ ribs for rib system, framing for doors and windows, or any interior items except for the interior shell wallboard.  The deposit on the hubs is refunded once the hubs are mailed or UPSed back to Ai during the five month rental period. A rental costs for each month over five is $20. If importing kit, hubs are purchased, rental for telescoping for lift is added and $200 international paperwork fee. Please click on importing for complete details.

Payments: American Ingenuity kits are not stocked and are manufactured on a custom order basis and are considered a Specialized Order, made exclusively for the customer requesting it.  These Specialized Orders require a 30% to 40%  deposit, signed Order Form, Conditions of Sale and Specialized Material Agreement. Once Ai receives these items, materials will be purchased and manufacturing started to meet your shipment date. If you cancel your order after signing the Specialized Agreement 30% deposit on each kit is non-refundable and your rights to the kit(s) are forfeited.  The balance, in the form of a cashier's check is due 14 days prior to shipment. Florida residents, add sales tax plus your counties' surtax.  Credit Cards are not accepted on the building kit. If the building kit is shipped out of Florida, you do not pay Florida sales tax.

Delivery and Availability:

Once Ai receives your 30%  or 40% deposit (deposit amount depends on kit size) based on your Building Kit with options pricing and signed Building Kit Order Form, Conditions of Sale and Specialized Material Agreement, American Ingenuity schedules your kit for manufacturing. Allow eight to sixteen weeks for manufacturing time.


Shipping is scheduled after Ai receives the final payment. One step deck semi-truck can carry one 30', one 36', one 40', one 45', one 48' kit (with 7" EPS), possibly two 27' kits, or two 22' kits. A 60' kit requires two semi-trucks. American Ingenuity can coordinate the USA shipping.  International clients coordinate their own shipping using a freight forwarder. To learn about importing American Ingenuity's dome kit, please click on Importing.

The number of kits one truck can carry can change if the building kit contains four or five entryways, a link and thicker insulation. For example, a 48' kit with 9" EPS cannot fit on one semi-truck.  Entryways and a link take up more space than triangular and riser panels.  Once you select your floor plan, Ai can be specific about how many truck(s) your order will take.

Each International client hires a freight forwarder to coordinate their container’s shipping and pays their shipping and custom fees directly to the freight forwarder.

Ai’s manufacturing costs in Florida are well below the national average, which offsets any long distance shipping expenses. Ai can actually manufacture a kit here in Florida and ship it to Washington state cheaper than we could manufacture it there. Having our manufacturing plant located in Florida is advantageous for shipping since more is shipped in than out of the state, leaving many trucks headed out empty.

Ai utilizes independent trucking agencies. American Ingenuity contracts to have these trucks carry your building kit outside Florida for approximately $2.50  to $2.90 per mile per truck from Ai's plant in Rockledge, Florida. Shipping within Florida is a minimum of $800. If your Florida building site is south of our factory, the truckers charge more because they have to drive south before they can drive north to leave Florida.  These trucking costs are less than Ai could do with our own trucks because if we used our own trucks, they would have to deliver the kit and return to our factory empty.  Shipping costs are paid to American Ingenuity 14 days prior to the scheduled shipment date with a bank check.

Per mile shipping costs can vary due to fuel costs and travel distances. Click on Shipping to learn more.

American Ingenuity's Philosophy:

One of the main reasons American Ingenuity is very reputable is that we really try to treat all our customers the same. Our business philosophy and product is unique to the housing industry. Ai believes that each client should pay for only what they need.

  • Each person who wants to research our building kit further can do so by purchasing the Planning Kit with DVD or purchase the DVD separately.
  • None of Ai's staff is on commission.
  • About 50% of Ai's clients do not need engineer sealed building plans in order to obtain a building permit. As a result the engineer seal is a separate cost.

As a result of the above philosophy, the American Ingenuity dome shell kit costs about one half less than the shell materials cost for a conventional house or wooden dome or sprayed concrete dome.


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