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We recommend the following when talking with insurance companies.

When Insurance Companies ask you questions about what you are going to build, do not volunteer that it is a dome. Insurance companies categorize homes based on the type of construction because they can then estimate the risk involved. They don't have a category for domes therefore they will sometimes decline the insurance.

We have found the following to be the best approach when talking to insurance companies:

  • When the insurance person asks "What are the walls built of?" Reply, “Steel reinforced concrete.”
  • When the insurance person asks, “What is the roof made of?" Reply, “Steel reinforced concrete.”
  • The insurance companies are able to deal with that information and usually issue a policy. You are required to answer their questions truthfully but you are not required to volunteer that the home is a dome.

Due to the Hurricanes very few companies are selling Florida builders insurance and Florida homeowners insurance. Florida Dome Owners can purchase insurance through the Florida Residential Causality Joint Association at 1-800-524-9023 or visit Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.  Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is the State's homeowners' insurance safety net. It was created by the Legislature in 2002 to offer property coverage to Floridians without private insurance options. 

The State of Florida requires Insurance Companies to offer reduced rates to homes that have high wind mitigation features.  The American Ingenuity dome meets and exceeds these requirements.  One of our client's hurricane insurance premium went from $850 to $90 after he had his dome inspected and a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form was completed by a Qualified Inspector. To learn who can inspect your dome, go to Wind Storm Consultant

The Insurance Information Institute's web site has a feature where you can find the names of insurance companies in your state. Their web site tool allows consumers to select the state in which they live and the type of insurance they are looking for. It provides a random listing of insurance companies in their state.

Another helpful web site, maintained by the State of Florida, is ShopandCompareRates.  

The following are the names of insurance companies that have insured American Ingenuity Domes in the past or were considering insuring our domes. Bear in mind that the companies could have changed their minds or changed ownership and might no longer insure domes.  If you have any updated information about other insurance companies or these companies, please email us by clicking on Contact Us.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation for Florida Residents

  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation


  • Insured dome in North Carolina.


  • Insured dome in Des Moines, Iowa 800-217-4176


  • Thinking of insuring a dome in Kansas. The agent was Larry Gould, 1122 N. Main St, Mopherson KS 67460-2849; 816-648-1114


  • Insured dome in Homestead Florida that went through Hurricane Andrew with no structural damage. The agent was Richard Chorak, 954-963-2044.
  • Also All State insured a dome in Ocean Springs Mississippi. The agent was Vernon McHan at 228-388-7223.


  • Insured dome in Lakeland Florida. The agent was Jan Butler 863-688-2613.  (As of 2/07, State Farm is not taking on any new Florida policies.)


  • Was thinking of insuring a dome. Agent is Gary Walker 804-542-4301 in Richmond, VA.


  • Insured dome in Georgia.

ZURIC Insurance

  • Provided Builder’s Risk to one of our clients in Tennessee.


  • Insured dome in North Carolina. Fortner Insurance Co 828-682-2147. Hanover also does Builders Risk Insurance during the construction phase.

USAA  (Have to be present or past member of the military before you can be a member of USAA)

  • Insured dome in Melbourne Florida 800-531-8111.  Currently USAA is not issuing home insurance in Florida.  But they set up a special agency that can possibly locate a insurance company to insure the dome.

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