American Ingenuity's 22 & 27 domes were specifically designed for garages.  These garage domes are two-frequency icosahedron geometry whereas the home domes (30', 34, 40', 45' & 48') are three-frequency icosahedron geometry.  This geometry differs from our other domes in that the 22' & 27' utilize fewer but larger panels.  By having larger panels we can create a wider opening that is needed for a garage door.  Previously a 34 dome was needed to pull two cars in side by side. Now you can have a two-car garage in a 27 dome, which is more cost effective.  The 22 dome provides an economical one car garage using 3 E.P.S. insulation.  Either of these can be connected to another dome or built independently from the house. 


Garage Entryways take up three risers whereas standard and high profile entryways take up two risers.  So if you have two garage entryways you can have only one door dormer.   If you have one garage entryway there can be a possibility of five door dormers.  If you have no garage entryways you can have up to five door dormers and five window dormers. 


GARAGE DOME, 22:  has 373 sq.ft. on the first floor and is designed for a one-car garage. A 9 wide garage door can fit in the garage entryway.

Garage Dome, 27: has 540 sq.ft. on the first floor sq.ft. and is designed for a two-car garage. It can have a 16 wide garage door in the garage entryway and the second floor can have 297 sq.ft.

Garage Dome, 25:  has 456 sq.ft. on the first floor sq. ft and is designed for a one-car garage.  It can have a 176 sq.ft. loft.  The garage door can be 9 wide.

Garage Dome, 30: has 641 sq.ft. on the first floor and is designed for two small cars with the cars pulling in one at a time and each car parking on a diagonal. The 30 garage door is 12 wide.  The 30' second floor can have 395 sq.ft.

Garage Dome, 34: has 823 sq.ft. on the first floor and is designed for a two-car garage with the garage door being 14 wide. The 34 second floor can have 571 sq.ft.

Garage Dome, 40': has 1,178 sq.ft. on the first floor and can be designed for a four-car garage.  It would require two garage doors, each could be 16' wide.  Each set of two cars would share one garage door.  The 40' Dome second floor can have 886 sq.ft.



30' Garage Dome             27' Garage Dome                  22' Garage Dome

connected to                    connected to 40'                   connected to                        

40' Dome Home               Dome Home                           34' Dome Home




        27' Garage with 40' Dome            27' Garage with               Interior shot of

     with 16' wide garage door           two cars parked                the two cars



Q: What is the tallest and widest garage door you can have and in what size dome?
Current designs allow for a 16' wide 9' tall garage door in a 40' dome with a 6' high riser wall.


Q: Can you do garage entryways in the 45' and 48' domes?
Yes, we could do garage entryways in the 45' or 48' but we would have to add $300 to the cost of the plans.  But if you do the standard entryway in the 45' you could get a 14' wide garage door for a two car garage.  The cars would go in and out one at a time.  In a 48' dome you could get a 16' wide garage door in a standard entryway and the cars can go and come two at a time.


Q: What is the cost to build a garage dome?
The cost to build a dome garage would be about the same as the cost of a garage for a conventional house.  Whatever it costs per square foot in your neighborhood to build a conventional garage that will be the approximate cost to build the dome garage.



Q: Are garage plans priced separately from the other plans?
Yes s
ince every building site is different, Garage & Basement Plans are priced separately from Stock Plans.  We have included several Stock Plans for garages which may be linked to any dome where indicated or may be built separately.



Q: I want to have a dome home and a dome garage.  Will there be a price reduction on the garage plans?
Yes, we lower the second dome's plans by $100.