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Ai Domes come with a tornado, hurricane and earthquake guarantee


Home of the Future----available today.

American Ingenuity (Ai) has been "Going Green" since 1976 by designing floor plans and manufacturing eco-conscious, "Green" Dome Building Kits that result in super-strong and super-energy efficient, low-energy consuming dome homes.  Domes can have 373 sq.ft. to over 5,000 sq.ft....from small one bedroom/one bath to four/five bedroom/three baths.  Ai even has a 12' in diameter utility dome/geo pod kit of 110 sq.ft. for $499 plus common carrier shipping cost of $270 to $600 within USA.

Ai is doing its own "Stimulus" bill and the savings will go directly to you.  We have two discount plans depending on when you accept delivery of your dome kit.  Save 20% off Ai's 2010 Building Kit with one entryway pricing if you can place a 30% deposit prior to December 15, 2011 and take delivery of your kit before May 31, 2012.  Bonus Savings: Kits shipped before May 31, 2012 will receive an additional 4% savings if American Ingenuity selects the month/week of shipment (Mar, Apr or May).  

Or if you plan on building in 1 - 2 years, choose to Save 15% on Ai's 2010 Buillding Kit with one entryway pricing by placing a 10% deposit before December 15, 2011 & take delivery of your kit before December 31, 2012.  If you are not ready to receive shipment by December 31, 2012, you may extend the discounted Kit price untill December 31, 2013 by making another deposit before December 31, 2012.  Save 50% on all stock, modified or custom Building Plans if you order your plans before January 3, 2012.  To learn more about each Discount Plan, please click on 15% Discount


The American Ingenuity Dome and its inventor, Michael Busick, were written about on page 100 in the October 2010 issue of Popular Science MagazineThe issue's theme was  "The Future of the Home, LIFE ON THE EDGE, Extreme Habitats for a Changing World" The article about Ai showed a reprint of the front page cover story that Popular Science ran on the American Ingenuity Dome in 1987.  This October 2010 article on Ai was named, "THE FUTURE THEN.....FROM THE POPULAR SCIENCE ARCHIVES".  If you would like to receive via email a pdf of the orginal Popular Science 1987 Cover Story which featured the American Ingenuity dome and its founders and the 2010 article featuring the Ai dome, click on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To view a youtube video showing the interior and exterior of an Ai two dome complex for sale in Albuguerque New Mexico, click on Beautiful Domes.

The American Ingenuity dome home come with a hurricane, earthquake and tornado guarantee.  A triangle is the strongest shape known to man.  To view a video that describes this, please click on Triangle versus Rectangle.  The dome's geodesic shape combined with the steel reinforced concrete exterior allows for such a guarantee.  Ai's standard design will accommodate forces in excess of 250 mph winds, 90 lb. snow loads and #9 earthquakes. 

In over 30 years, Ai domes have survived all major USA hurricanes (Andrew & Katrina), tornados and a Hawaiian earthquake, with no structural damage. If more homeowners and government officials in Haiti, Africa, Chile, Colombia, South America,  the Pacific Fire Rim and USA earthquake areas of western & middle America, built American Ingenuity Domes, there would be less home destructions.  To read a recap of the Ai dome and acts of nature, click on Nature.

Are you worried about the 2012 predictions?  Would you like to live in a super-strong, super-energy efficient dome home instead of an inefficient box shaped conventional house?  To view a 12 page color brochure that illustrates Ai's component panel, kit assembly process, and finished dome pictures, please click on Color Brochure.   To view 100 pages of pictures of an Ai dome being built from land excavation, to shell assembly, to interior finishing, click on Florida Dome

To learn about the 12' in diameter Utility Dome/Geo Pod kit for camping out on your property or for a hunting shelter or storage, click on Basic Kits and scroll down the page for info.

To print out and view some of Ai's stock floor plans, please click on Floor Plans and then scroll down the page to see the hyperlinks.  To view the pricing of the stock plans and the pricing of the Dome Building Kit with Building Options for each plan, please click on Plan & Kit Pricing.   Call us at 321-639-8777 to receive other stock plans via email.

NEW....NEW....NEW.....As of January 15, 2011 Ai has in stock its new 58 minute Dome DVD which includes an 18.26 minute narrated video with 466 added pictures.  39 of the new pictures depict exterior and interior finished pics of a 45' dome home linked to a 34' dome garage.  427 of the new pics are construction pics showing the construction and exterior & interior finishing of the 45' and 34' domes from excavation of land, kit arrival on a semi-truck, foundation layout & pouring, temporary rib system erection and assembly of the dome kits.

Our heart felt thanks goes out to Ron & Marti Kaufman for sharing their beautiful pictures.  The new DVD sells for $2 plus $1.71 for USA first class mailing costs.  You can order the DVD by clicking on Shopping Cart....please scroll down the page and click on the DVD to order.

Domes for Sale $80,000....$180,000 In The Project

in Frostproof, Florida

A 48'--- 2,746 sq.ft. dome home linked to a 861 sq.ft 30' garage dome have been fully assembled, with rough in framing completed and rough in electrical and plumbing almost completed.  All doors (including garage door) and windows have been installed.   All windows and french doors are double paned and are Energy Star rated. The septic tank and drainfield have been installed and approved.  The well has been drilled and approved.  Temporary power is to the site with electric installed to the well pump. The dome kits and engineer sealed plans cost $61,207!  To learn more click on Domes For Sale.

Ai Domes protect and lower your maintenance budget because their concrete roofs contains no shingles and no wood to rot, or to burn or to be eaten by termites. To learn more, view the Advantages menu item above. To view a YouTube 55 second video featuring Ai's dome, click on Green Living.  To view a CBS Sunday Morning news show YouTube video featuring Ai's geodesic dome and Buckminster Fuller, click on Geodesic Dome.

Ai domes protect your wallet by saving you 50% to 70% off your heating and cooling costs.   The major reason for this is the insulation Ai uses. It consists of a seven inch thick block of R-28 expanded bead polystyrene (E.P.S.) which is comparable to 11 inches of fiberglass batting. Plus the insulation is not interrupted by wood and there is no wood in the home's exterior walls to rot or burn. (During the kit assembly a temporary wooden rib system is used.  Once all the seams between the panels & the entryways & dormers are concreted, the wooden rib system is removed.  The dome is self supporting). The exterior of the dome is steel reinforced concrete, no shingles to blow off in high winds.  Paint the exterior concrete with concrete primer & latex paint.  This link, Composition, describes Ai's component panel.

The Ai prefab concrete dome kits are especially designed for do-it-yourselfers or the diy owner builder.  All the panels come marked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.

There are four very useful Blue Buttons on this Home Page.  The blue button titled Video Dome Overview gives a brief explanation of the Ai Dome building kit.  The second blue button, Video CNBC Interview, shows one of Ai's dome owners being interviewed by CNBC.   The third one explains how to receive Free Info by calling 1-321-639-8777.  And the fourth titled, Visit Ai Store, permits the ordering of a $2 DVD or $14 Planning Kit which includes a 60 page Stock Floor Plan Booklet, DVD, paper mini-dome and other info. 

If you do not find a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai's designers can modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches. To view the prices for the stock plans and building kits, click on Stock Plans & Stock Kit Prices.  The file Finished Cost explains what it will cost per sq.ft. to build a dome in your neighborhood.  To view over 150 pages of info, lay your cursor on each web site menu item and then click on the submenu links.

To view a finished dome: rent our North Carolina dome cabin, visit Ai's Florida office domes and a Florida dome home, view the YouTube videos, view the Pictures on this web site or purchase the DVD .  

The State of Florida requires Insurance Companies to offer reduced rates to homes that have high wind mitigation features.  The American Ingenuity dome meets and exceeds these requirements.  One of Ai's client's hurricane insurance premium went from $850 to $90 after he had his dome & windows & doors inspected and a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form was completed by a Qualified Inspector.

The Dome Building Kit consists of all the component panels for the dome's exterior shell and one entryway.  Your floor plan selection determines how many more entryways or dormers your kit contains.  Entryways and dormers are structural awnings that extend out from the dome.  Under them a 2x4 framed wall is built on site to accept your locally purchased windows and doors. To learn more about the entryways and dormers, click on Building Options.

The middle of each component panel (27'- 60' domes) consists of seven inch thick R-28 E.P.S. insulation. On the exterior side is 1/2" to 3/4" thick steel reinforced concrete and on the interior side of the insulation is 1/4" Georgia-Pacific wall board.  (The kit does not include any doors or windows or interior items, we figure you should not pay shipping on standard items that you can purchase locally from Lowes or Home Depot or off Craigs List, etc.). 

Onsite the dome building kit is assembled by placing the panels one row at time, overlapping and locking the steel mesh between the panels with "C" rings, concreting the seams between the panels (an area about 6" wide and 4" deep) and concreting the entryways and dormers.  The interior shell wall board is finished similar to conventional sheetrock. To learn about the kit assembly and to view pictures of the panel placement, click on Assembly.  To learn what the finished cost (turn key cost) of your dome home could be, please click on Finished Cost Compared to Stick Built.

Once your foundation is in place, if you do not have the time to erect the Dome Building Kit, Ai knows of an independent Kit Assembly Consultant who travels world-wide and supervises your kit assembly and supervises the application of the first layer of concrete into the panel seams and onto the entryways and dormers.  Then either you or your Contractor hires a finish stucco person to apply the second layer of seam concrete & the finish concrete to the entryways and dormers.  For interior finishing hire local subcontractors to complete the plumbing, electrical, framing, window/door installation, wall board finishing, cabinetry, etc.  To learn what is included in the Dome Building Kit, click on Contents.  To learn what is not included in the Kit, click on Not Included.  

Due to Ai's domes air tight envelope, a Heat Recovery Ventilator or an air exchanger can be installed in the dome to control moisture and bring in fresh air and Geothermal Pipes can be installed in the ground to reduce your heating and cooling costs even lower. 

To date American Ingenuity has sold kits into 47 U.S.A states and thirteen foreign areas.  Ai has exported domes to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands-St. Kitts and St. Croix, the British Virgin Islands-Tortola, West Indies-Nieves, Canada, Israel, Jamaica, Bahrain, Tasmania and the Faroe Islands (between Iceland/Scotland/Norway). To learn more about importing Ai domes, click on Importing

New International Site:  In 2011 Ai shipped a dome to Tasmania by Australia!   A 34' kit (two bedroom/two bath size), shipped in a 40' containter.  In April 2011, two domes shipped via two semi-trucks into Vancouver Canada.


To view information about finished Ai domes and partially completed Ai domes for Sale, click on Domes for Sale.

Why do you not see thousands of American Ingenuity Domes in your region?  Lenders are very conservative and want a 25% to 35% down payment based on the finished price of the dome.  To read and print out an 18 page Financing Booklet, please click on Booklet .


Check out all of our savings with coupons and for layaway using the Coupons and Savings tab on the above left menu.   



View and print out our stock floor plans by clicking here, PDF.


Learn how to purchase the stock floor plans in DXF format in order to design your own floor plan, using an autocad program.  Click here,  DXF.


Ai's web site is hosted & designed by the excellent staff at Allaboutwebservices.  To contact them please click on


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