Getting Started - American Ingenuity (Ai) has designed our web site file Geodesic Dome Home Plans to contain stock plans for each of our eight concrete dome home sizes….22′, 27′, 30′, 34′, 36′, 40′ 45′ and 48′.  From one bedroom/one bath home to a four bedroom/three bath size home.  From 370 sq.ft. to over 2,900 sq.ft.   Ai has designed the stock plans to stimulate your imagination and assist you in selecting the best possible floor plan for your dome home. We want to assist you in exploring the possibilities and deciding on a floor plan to fit you and your families’ lifestyle.  To view photos of finished Ai domes, please check out the left hand side menu bar for 14 menu items located under Pictures and Videos.

Ai’s stock floor plans are designs that are practical and suitable for dome geometry. Although you may not find the plan for you, getting familiar with dome floor plans is the best place to learn about dome designs and start forming your ideas. These plans can be Modified if they are close to what you want or we can start from scratch and Custom design a plan just for you.  To view our sale prices on plan design, please click on Sale and scroll down the file to view the Plans Chart.

Begin the planning stages for your dome now. You need to start early to allow plenty of time for the decision making and drafting of your plans. Plus you need enough time for permitting, land preparation, locating contractors and financing. Each year there are many people who began their actual construction months behind their hopeful date because they did not start their plans design early enough.

While working with these plans make notes of what you like and dislike in each one, what would work well for the way your family lives and the changes you might make. This will help you determine whether a Stock, Modified, or Custom Plan is your best choice.

Remember designing a home is a blending of ideas facilitated by a series of compromises. It is based on your needs and budget at this particular time. You will sometimes have to trade off one idea for another in the design process. You just simply can not have everything. The perfect home does not exist. But the most perfect home does. We want to assist you in discovering your most perfect home.  To view our web site file that covers Finished Cost for a dome home, please click on Finished Cost.  To view our 18 page financing booklet, please click on booklet.

In each diameter dome grouping in our web site file Geodesic Dome Home Plans there is a floor plan outline (Floor Planner) for that size dome & to scale cut outs. It provides a blank outline so you can experiment with different floor plans as you modify a Stock Plan or develop a Custom Plan. Make copies of the floor planners for the size dome(s) you wish to build & furniture cut outs and then you can make as many design changes as you wish.

The dome plans are grouped by the diameter of the dome beginning with the smallest. There is a sample elevation in each dome plan grouping to enable you to visualize your home in three, not just two dimensions.

Floor plans are identified by their diameter in feet and they are all drawn to the same scale (1/10 inch = 1 foot). Having all domes the same scale allows you to link plans together regardless of the size. On each stock plan is a scaled ruler that can be used to measure distance (room width, length, etc.). There is also scaled furniture allowing you to test out room arrangements.  To view info about square footages, please click on specs.

The square footage of living space shown in the upper corner of each floor plan indicates the total space inside the dome. The second floor square footage consists of all the usable floor space to 5’ of headroom. If you have been in a dome house you know that the areas of reduced headroom on the second floor are usable for dressers, headboards, chairs, cabinets, etc. The square footage of each room is also included to help you compare the size of the room space and does not include any closets or utility areas.


The price of our Stock Plans and beginning prices for Modified, Custom & Basement plans are listed on our current price list. To view our regular prices on the dome kit and the plans, click on Regular Prices.  To view sale info, please click on Sale.

Note, sometimes building plans are referred to as blueprints. All of our plans are reasonably priced. Please do not shortcut the design now and for years in the future wish that you had designed your plan differently.

When you would like a price quote for your plans or just our input on your own ideas, simply email us a sketch. After you email, please call to assure we received your email. Your drawing does not have to be to scale and neatness does not count just as long as it conveys to us what you want. Modifications that can be described verbally, simply call (321-639-8777) and ask for a plan estimate.

While you are preparing your floor plan design don’t think that you have to resolve all of the details in the beginning. We will assist you through the process to assure that your finished plans are best for you. We will tell you anytime your design would produce complications or unnecessary construction costs. We do not, complete the sheets within the set of blueprints until you have approved a final floor plan proof.

The sheets within your blueprints will number 13-17 sheets depending on your type foundation, type of entryways and dormers.  Our Building Plans contain all of the typical drawings and details some of which are:

• Cover Sheet
• Legend Sheet
• First Floor Plan
• Second Floor Plan
• Dome Panel Nomenclature
• Exterior Elevations
• 1st Floor Electrical Plan
• 2nd Floor Electrical Plan
• Foundation Plan
• Foundation Details
• 2nd Floor Framing Plan
• Typical Dome Section
• Standard Entryway Details
• High Profile Entryway Details
• 1st Floor Window Dormer & Door Dormer Details
• 2nd Floor Dormer Details
• Stair Details

Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC diagrams are not included. Ai has found that these subcontractors like to complete their own diagrams.

A site plan which shows your property to scale and the location of the house, is not included because it can better be provided by someone locally and may require a surveyor.


American Ingenuity’s concrete domes have been approved and built in 47 states (not in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and North Dakota).  Prior to purchasing property, please give us your site address & building department name & we will talk to your Plans Examiner, email generic plans, etc. to see if the Ai dome building kit can be built & what is required to obtain a building permit.

Keep in mind that building codes deal with structure and safety not appearance. Our Building Plans/blueprints will comply with all residential building codes including the Universal Building Code, 2009 & 2012 International Building Code, California Building Code, and 2014 5th Edition Florida Building Code.

If required by your building department, your Plans can be certified by a PE engineer registered in your state. The Engineer Seal fee for one dome on a slab is $600.   The fee for Ai to complete a Florida Energy Report or a Rescheck Energy Report after you provide your exterior door and window info is $190 for one dome on a slab.  Please call our offices for engineer fees for two or more domes and domes built on basements, stem wall, pilings, columns, etc.

To view an Engineering Statement about the Ai dome panel, please click on statement.  To view info about the independent Kit Assembly Consultant that can be hired to supervise the dome kit assembly, please click on Kit Assembly Consultant.  To view photo gallery showing dome kit being assembled, click on Kit Assembly.


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