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Can The American Ingenuity Domes

Be Made Handicap Accessible?

Yes.  It is an easy modification to the building plans to make the entire downstairs area wheelchair accessible, (32" doorways minimum). For us to quote you a price to make the floor plan handicap accessible, we would need to know the size dome and which floor plan you are considering. You can email this information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can fax your plan needs to us at 321-639-8778.  If you fax your plan changes, please call our office at 321-639-8777 and assure that we received all your pages and that they were legible.

To clarify, if you fax or email American Ingenuity and we have not responded in two to three business days, please call our office at 321-639-8777 and confirm that we received your fax or email. 

We handle all the floor plan designs via telephone, fax and or email.

Because of the shape of the dome, a second floor is a natural. It would not be cost effective to build a dome and not install and use the second floor rooms. However, any of our small domes, 22', 27', 30', can be built without a second floor.

In a conventional house there is an attic which rarely gets used. To us it is just a space that holds hot or cold air which is waiting to leak into your house. In a dome you get to use the second floor space that would normally be an attic in a conventional house.

On the second floor of our domes even though you cannot stand all the way to the perimeter, there is ample useable square footage. To visualize the second floor useable space use the to-scale ruler in the back of the Stock Floor Plan Booklet (which is in the Planning Kit). Each mark is one foot. Cut out this ruler and use it to measure the second floor square footage that is six foot or higher from the dome shell. Note on the floor plans we have drawn in five foot, six foot and seven foot height lines around the second floor perimeter. For example if you want to see how many feet on the second floor has six foot or higher ceilings, put the end of the ruler at the six foot height line on one side of the second floor and measure across the second floor to the other six foot height line and you will see how many useable feet is between the two six foot height lines.

If you choose a floor plan which maxs' out the second floor and only leaves one fifth of the first floor open to the dome shell, you can have the following second floor useable square footages: 27'-225 sq.ft.; 30' - 424 sq.ft.; 34' - 614 sq.ft.; 40' - 886 sq.ft.; 45' - 1,127 sq.ft.; 48' - 1,278 sq.ft. Generally most of our clients want only one half of the second floor installed. Therefore there are high vaulted ceilings over one half of the first floor, generally over the living room and dining room.

If you do not want to access the second floor by walking up the stairs, you could install a rail chair or a lift instead of an elevator. Your contractor would install an electric winch powered lift versus an elevator. This way you can easily access the second floor rooms.

For information on rail chairs click on

For information on lifts click on

The following information came from Jazzy Electric's web site:

This vertical platform Lift is an interior or exterior lift that can be used for lifting persons with physical disabilities from the ground up-to the main floor of their home or outside lifting up to the porch or the steps. Lift can also be used in commercial applications such as restaurants or office buildings. The lift is designed to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards and can easily be adapted to various situations.

Versatility is a key to this lift. Can be used to stop at 3 different heights. Can lift from 14" up to 144". Designed for easy installation. Smaller units 52" and down can be installed in 30 minutes.

The lift described sells for around $3,500.

This Lift is smooth and provides quiet performance. Dependable and Versatile Unit is Perfect for Residential or Commercial Application. All lifts can be configured to meet the AME A 17.1 or A 18.1 depending on the options selected. This lift also meets ADA requirements in most states.

Listed below are some of the features of this outstanding versatile lift:

  • Weight capacity of 550 pounds

  • Unit uses standard 110v/15a wall outlet.

  • Straight though platform is 54" long x 34" wide

  • Keyed call send stations available

  • Keyed Emergency stop to control use of lift

  • Soft Touch Control Pads designed for easy operation.

  • Direct Drive Worm-Gear

  • Maintenance Free Operation

  • Standard Metal Platform has a diamond grill that allows for full visibility under the platform


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