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construction cost estimates

The following blank form is provided for you to fill out as you determine your material and labor costs for your dome kit assembly and finishing. Because labor costs and materials cost vary in the USA, we cannot estimate your costs. If you select one of American Ingenuity's stock floor plans, you can obtain the Building Kit with Option Pricing by clicking on Stock Plan & Stock Kit Prices.

If you choose to use the Kit Assembly Consultant to supervise the assembly of your dome kit, click on Kit Consultant for approximately labor costs to assemble the dome shell kit. The rest of the categories are generally the same costs whether it is a dome or a conventional house.

The finished costs on American Ingenuity concrete domes depends so much on where you live and what labor costs are for your area. You can ask at your local hardware store or ask a local contractor what the finished price per square foot is running for a conventional house in the neighborhood you plan to build in. That is what it will cost to finish the domes (if you do no labor yourselves), because everything in the interior is the same whether it is a conventional box house or a round house: foundation, plumbing, electrical, second floor joists, framing, lighting fixtures, bath room fixtures, kitchen appliances, flooring, kitchen cabinets, windows and doors, etc. To learn more click on Finished Cost.

A.I. thinks the only big bargain you will get is our dome building kit, which costs about one half less than other building kits or materials to build the exterior walls and roof of a conventional house, wooden dome or sprayed concrete dome. And with the American Ingenuity Dome you end up with a super-energy efficient, super-strong, low exterior maintenance home.

In our Planning Kit is a 60 page Stock Floor Plan Booklet. On the plans we put the square footage of each room and even drew in to-scale furniture. Because the dome shape makes designing difficult, look in the back of the booklet for the to-scale ruler (on tan paper). Cut this ruler out and use it to measure the length and width of the rooms and compare those room dimensions to the rooms you currently live in. You know whether you want the rooms to be larger or smaller. This will help you figure out what size dome will fit your needs. The scale is 1/10" equals one foot. To learn more click on Floor Plans. To order the Planning Kit click on Visit Our Store.

To learn about the down payment required to obtain financing on the dome click on Financing and click on Financing Booklet.

Domes are measured by feet in diameter. Refer to Specifications to see possible square footages by floor.

  • A 27' or 30' dome is usually a one bedroom, one bath.
  • A 34' is a two bedroom, two bath.
  • A 40' is a three bedroom, two bath.
  • A 45' is a four bedroom, three bath,
  • A 48' can be a four or five bedroom home with three to four baths.


Dome Size30'34'40'45'48'
  • Dome Kit w/ Options
  • Dome Kit Assembly
  • Concrete Slab/Foundation
  • Windows: qty. - cost
  • Exterior doors: qty. - cost
  • Insulation: already installed

  • Rough plumbing
  • Rough electrical
  • AC/Heat & Ducting
  • Interior Faming/Joists
  • Stairway
  • Drywall & finish for interior walls
  • Shell Interior finish**
  • Dome Shell Wall Board: already installed
  • Interior doors, trim, finish
  • Painting: int. & ext.
  • Cabinets & vanities

  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Carpet & flooring
  • Kitchen appliances

Total Material & Labor

Cost per sq. ft.


** Finishing seams with joint compound and tape and painting a textured paint (paint with sand or vermiculite mixed in it) onto the dome shell wallboard.

These categories do not include costs of land, engineering and permit fees, building plans, site preparation, utilities such as water, septic/sewer, electric, etc.


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