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22’ Eco Cottage Dome Building Kit

Sale Price $11,899 - Regular Price $17,495

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Need a cost efficient one bedroom/one bath home or apartment?  Consider the super-strong American Ingenuity Eco Cottage dome building kit that features a hurricane, earthquake, tornado guarantee.  Kit sale price is $11,899 if American Ingenuity (Ai) selects the month/week of shipment.  If the Buyer selects the shipment date add $645 to the kit pricing.  Regular price is $17,495.  The 22’ in diameter dome when finished can have a first floor of 371 sq.ft. with a 81 sq.ft. optional attic for a total square footage of 452 sq.ft.

22 Ft Dome

Pricing includes two sets of Building Plans (value $820), Assembly Manual and a dome kit consisting of all the component prefab panels to assemble the dome shell, one entryway, two window dormers, one door dormer and misc items.   Add shipping costs.  Call Ai for shipping info at 321-639-8777.

Approximate room sizes:  Bedroom 10'10" x 7'; closet 2' x 6'; living 7'5" x 10'7"; kitchen 11' x 10'7"; Washer Dryer area 3'5" x 3'3"; Bath 7'3" x 9'.  Approximate second floor area between five feet six inches and six feet ten inches in height is 48 sq.ft.

Each prefab panel’s core is 3 ½” EPS (expanded bead polystyrene) R-14 insulation precisely angle cut to form the geodesic shape.   Applied to the outside is pre-finished one half inch to three quarter inch concrete, reinforced with galvanized steel mesh and fibers.  Applied to the interior is quarter inch Georgia Pacific wallboard.  No wood in or on the shell to rot or for termites to eat or to burn.  No shingles to blow off in high winds.  On site, the exterior concrete is primed and then painted with two coats of latex paint.

The kit assembly begins after the foundation and floor are completed.  The assembly process consists of stacking the panels in place, overlapping and locking the steel mesh of adjacent panels and filling the seams with special formulated concrete.  Finish the wall board seams with cement/perlite mixture.  This simple process produces the structural components, completes the finished exterior surface, installs the insulation and all the interior shell wallboard.  To view a video on the 22' Assembly, please click on Special Hideaway.

The entryways and dormers allow you to customize your home with your choice of locally purchased windows and doors.

The concrete applied in the seams and on the entryways and dormers is sponge finished to match the pre-finished texture of the concrete panels. The dome is primed with concrete primer and then painted with latex house paint to achieve the color you want.

The Ai dome kit is a true Do-it-Yourself Kit.  All panels are premarked with numbers and letters to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.   Of if you desire to hire a builder, he can hire the Assembly Specialist to supervise his workers to get the dome kit assembled with the first layer of concrete in the seams and on the entryways and dormers.  To view Ai’s web site file about the independent Specialist, please click on Specialist.

Prior to assembly of the dome kit, a temporary wooden rib system is assembled using your own 2x4’s cut to specific lengths and steel hubs/bolts/nuts/washers borrowed from American Ingenuity by placing an $455 deposit.  This deposit covers a 4 month rental period ($20 a month thereafter).  Once the dome kit is assembled the rib system is removed with the client mailing the hubs back to Ai to receive a deposit refund.  22' Triangle Panels weight 155 to 180 lbs. Risers weight 255 lbs.  During assembly the panels are placed using some type of hoisting mechanism.  Lifting spikes are purchased from Ai for a $100.  To view American Ingenuity’s web site file that explains the rib system, please click on Support System.

Please contact your building department and ask:

  • if there is a minimum size new house requirement?
  • do they require a garage be built with the house? If so is there a minimum size garage requirement?
  • if there is a minimum insulation size requirement?  Will R14 comply? Or do you need to upgrade to the seven inch thick EPS insulation which is R28?
  • what do they require to issue a building permit?  Do they require engineer sealed plans and an Energy Report?  If so these items can be purchased through American Ingenuity.  The Energy Report has evolved into a very specific and technical report that requires Ai to have specific window and exterior door info (frame type, double pane or impact resistant glass), Low E number, U factor, SHGC number.  This means the dome buyer will shop for their exterior doors and windows and provide detailed spec sheets to Ai about each door and window, their water heater and AC/furnace so Ai can complete the Energy Report.

22’ Eco Cottage Dome Building Kit Package Includes:

  • All the prefab panels to assemble the 22’ shell with 3 ½” EPS, four foot tall riser panels and the panels for one entryway, two window dormers and one door dormer.
  • Two sets of stock ECO Cottage Building Plans.
  • Assembly Manual
  • Parts lists items to suspend the optional attic: 9 suspension rods with top and bottom plates with Simpson Hangers  $290 value.
  • 12 cans of expanding foam regular price $12.89 a can (value $154). Metal Dispensing Gun and two cans of cleaner.
  • Five- 4x8 sheets of 1” EPS insulation for entryway, door dormer, window dormer framing regular price $5.76 ea value $29.
  • 134 sq.ft. of ¼” x ¼” galvanized steel mesh as lathe for entryway, door dormer and window dormer framing  price $.44 sq.ft or $58 value.
  • Misc items: C rings, two pair C ring pliers, bonding agent, synthetic fibers and liquid admixtures A & B for cement, and two steel cables (wrap around dome).

The Kit does not include engineer seal on plans, energy report, shipping cost, foundation (monolithic slab), assembly costs, lifting spikes ($100), deposit on 26 steel hubs/144 bolts/nuts/washers ($455), precut 2x4’ ribs for rib system, framing for doors and windows, doors or windows or any interior items except for the interior shell wallboard. The deposit on the hubs/bolts/nuts/washers is refunded once the items are mailed or UPSed back to Ai.


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