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American Ingenuity's

Geodesic Screen Dome Kits


The American Ingenuity screen dome is a wonderful addition to the geodesic concrete dome home.

How is the Screen Dome assembled? Working on the ground, assemble the framework of 2” x 2” aluminum ribs from top to bottom, row by row, bolting the ribs to the hubs. Roll the spline into the grooved ribs, stretching the screening & securing the edges. Lift up the framework as each row is assembled & screened, then attach it to your concrete or wood foundation when complete. Conceal any electrical wiring for waterproof outlets or lighting in the framework. Place & mount the screen door as you choose. Screen dome kits without screening may be utilized for a greenhouse by installing greenhouse plastic.

What do the screen dome building plans cost? If you purchase a screen dome there is no charge for the stock screen dome plans.

What is the screen dome built on? Ai recommends a concrete slab or possibly a 12" wide concrete footing. Both to match the shape of the screen dome. Concrete anchors hold down the screen dome.

Can the screen dome be attached to a basement of the concrete dome? Yes the screen dome can be attached to the basement. The screen dome is constructed from conventional aluminum patio extrusion, screening and spline. To attach to a basement, Ai ships aluminum extrusion that would be custom cut on site during the assembly process. At the bottom of each Riser Rib there will be an aluminum angle that is inserted inside the Riser and bolted to the slab. Mark the location on the slab for each of these bolts and drill a hole into the slab to later fit the concrete anchor.

Tell us about the Screen Dome's strength. Ai's screen domes comply with the Florida building requirements. It is not necessarily the wind that will do in the screen dome, it will be the debris that is being hurdled around by the wind. When you know there is a hurricane coming, Ai recommends that you remove some of the screening and remove the screen doors on each side of the screen dome so the wind can pass through more easily. Plus during the assembly we recommend that you install an I bolt in the concrete slab directly beneath the screen dome top center. Prior to the high wind you can run a cable from the top center of the screen dome to the concrete slab to help hold the screen dome down.

We do not guarantee the screen dome to withstand hurricane winds. The following are some real life examples: For example we have a 40’ screen dome at our dome offices. The aluminum geodesic skeleton withstood 80 mph winds but some of the screening was blown out.

For example, one of our clients owned a 25’ screen dome. During the last Hurricane Jeanne, a large branch from an oak tree was hurdled onto some of the riser ribs weakening the screen dome. Then the 80 to 100 mph winds blew in some of the sections.

What Snowload can the Screen Dome withstand? Ai does not recommend you build a screen dome where it snows.  Although, a 34' Screen Dome can support about 20lbs per square foot snow load and could be modified to withstand 30lbs per sq. ft. A 34' or smaller domes can support light snow less than six inches. If you are going to incur heavier snow or ice you should be prepared to put additional bracing under the hubs until the heavier ice or snow melts. Your building department can tell you what snow loading is typical for your area. 

Can the Screen Dome withstand ice? We do not have any experience with ice. We recommend you contact a local company that constructs conventional screen enclosures and ask them what loading ice causes, etc.

What if my Screen Dome is damaged, how do I get parts? The extrusion (aluminum ribs), screening, screen door, and spline used in our screen dome kit are the same items that conventional patio enclosure companies use. So if you mean the extrusion, screening, screen door or spline are damaged then you can purchase those items from your local companies or from us. If you buy through us you pay shipping whereas you could pick it up locally. If you mean if the aluminum hubs are damaged, then those would need to be purchased from us because we have them special made.

What is included in the Screen Dome Kit?
The screen dome kit includes:

  • 15 riser & 120 precut Aluminum ribs 2"x2" bronze or white
  • Aluminum hubs
  • 3' screen door
  • Fiberglass screening charcoal or white
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mounting spline & roller tool
  • Detailed slab plans
  • Assembly instructions

Will the screening survive my cat? You could go to your local screen patio store and buy enough aluminum and screening to make a 4'x2' section. Have the screening installed in the aluminum and take it home and see what your cat’s claws do to it. The Busick's have a 34' screen dome that sets on a planter. At one time their cat would periodically stay in the screen dome and they did not have any trouble with her clawing the screening. Although Michael and Glenda don't remember seeing her every climb the screen dome.

Will the spline and screening survive my area's temperatures.....very hot, then cold? The spline and screening is the same as what is used in conventional screen enclosures. So whatever life conventional spline and screening has for your area is what the Ai screen dome spline and screening will have. Contact your local screen enclosure companies for these answers.

If the wind knocks out the screening, then you will need to purchase new screening locally and after the screening is installed, cut off the excess. Screening cannot be reused as the screening has to be larger than the opening to be installed and then trimmed to fit.

How do I order and pay for the Screen Dome Kit? Screen Dome Kits will be placed on the schedule for production upon the receipt of a 30% deposit. The balance plus shipping, in the form of a cashier's check or money order, is due 10 days prior to shipment. All payments should be made in US funds. Florida residents add 6% sales tax and your counties surtax onto the price of the kit.

How is the Screen Dome shipped? A Screen Dome Kit may be shipped on the same truck as a Dome Building Kit at no additional charge. If ordered separately allow for common carrier trucking charges.  Due to fuel costs we cannot estimate its shipping costs.  

What are the Screen Dome shipping weights? Screen domes can usually be shipped on the same truck with the dome building kit or if ordered separately are shipped via common carrier. 27’-510 lbs, 30’-530 lbs, 34’-660 lbs,40’-780 lbs.

What is the Delivery time? Screen Dome Kits can be shipped 12-16 weeks from date of order.

What is the Screen Dome Kit Pricing? Due to flucuating aluminum costs, this pricing can change without notice.  As of 2010 the approximate pricing is:

Screen Dome Diameter






Kit Prices






Bronze or white aluminum 2"X2" frame - Gray or charcoal screening, mounting spline, two 36" screen doors and dormers

Assemble the aluminum hubs and ribs and install the screening on the ground in rows, lifting the framework as you go. Additional info available.

Can the Screen dome be disassembled and reassembled? Yes. To disassemble & reassemble the screen dome it would require about 1-2 days for three people & new screen would be required because it would be too difficult to install the old pre-trimmed screen.

Can the screening be replaced with plastic or glass panels? Ai is not sure if the frame will hold the glass panels, as it has never been done due to the high cost involved. The glass would need to be tempered so if it broke it would shatter into small pieces instead of sharp points. The glass dome would not be weather tight because of all the seams. We believe it would be better to purchase glass enclosures from companies that market such products.

Can Canvas be installed in the aluminum ribs? Yes, we have had clients install canvas into the top panels or screw galvanized panel to the top panels if you are not in snow country. Yes you can install solid fabric, etc. in the triangular panels. We had one client install SunCloth (a UV resistant fabric canvas).

To assure whatever you want to install will fit in the aluminum extrusion channel, you may want to purchase some aluminum, screen roller and spline from your local screen enclosure company and try installing the fabric. This way you can make sure it fits.

Can I have a conventional screen porch added to the dome? Yes. Screen porches with or without a solid roof can be added or attached at entryways. We do not have a design for any style other than the screen dome but screen enclosure contractors would not find it difficult to provide you with a design that would even include a sloped roof, etc.

Can a screen dome be added to your existing home? Yes. The only thing is since you would not be hooking it to one our dome homes we could not give you instructions on how the two meets. We do give instructions on how to attach the screen dome to Ai's concrete dome. But we do not give instructions on how to attach Ai's screen dome to an already existing house.

Can I link a 40' Screen Dome to another 40' Screen Dome? Yes. Ai has a design for a 40' screen dome linked to another 40' screen dome. The length of the link can vary.
  • However we need you to be aware that this is conceptual as we have never assembled two 40' screen domes with a link.
  • Erecting a screen dome of 40' or larger is a challenge. It can be done and the finished product is great but it requires several hands. We say this because we do not want you to underestimate the effort involved to build two of them and then link them.
  • As of 2010 the cost of the plans would be aprox. $500 and the screen dome kit would be $6,835 and another $1,500 for the screen link.
The following photos show a screen dome being assembled on a concrete footer.



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