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How can you save $500-$1500

On Your Dome Building Kit?


If there is flexibility in your ship date, we can save you money. You choose a two-month window (within our available shipping dates) to receive your dome kit and we ship it anytime within those two months. We save money by scheduling the same size dome kits to be manufactured at the same time and ship the kits immediately to prevent storage. We believe it is only fair to pass our savings on to you.

This special incentive cannot be combined with our Kit Deposit Coupons or our Layaway Plan.  To view our 2009  deposit coupon, click on Deposit Coupon.   

The flex shipping discount must be addressed in your Conditions of Sale to apply.  Some restrictions apply; discounts may not be combined. Please note that our layaway clients receive special low pricing so this delivery incentive cannot be combined with their layaway savings. The two-month windows are based on availability. 

 How do I know if I can accept a flexible ship date?

“Flex shipping” is a good option, if you will…

  • Be prepared to receive and unload your dome kit anytime, starting the first day of your two-month window and up until the last day of your window.
  • Have your slab ready or have somewhere to store your kit.
  • Be able to provide payment in full at least 10 days before delivery. (You may need to verify with your financing company when your funds will disburse.)
  • Have a building permit before your dome is shipped.

We will call you at least two weeks in advance to let you know your approximate ship date. Once a shipping company is established, we will know a more precise day.

 What if I have an unexpected delay?

Just let us know in writing 30 days before your two-month window begins. You will receive a revised order form to confirm your request.

You will remain eligible to receive the flex shipping discount, if we receive appropriate notification of your new two-month window.

By allowing American Ingenuity to choose your ship date we will reduce your cost by: 

22’ Dome-$500           27’ Dome-$567           30’ Dome-$628          34’Dome-$694          36' Dome-$744 

40’ Dome-$793           45 Dome-$894            48’ Dome-$1,000        60’ Dome-$1,500  

As always, American Ingenuity is committed to providing quality at the best price possible. Please e-mail us by clicking on Contact Us  or contact our office at (321) 639-8777, should you have any questions about your shipping options. 



If you pick an available two consecutive month period for delivery of your dome kit and
allow us to pick the shipping date within the two month period.

We save manufacturing and storage cost and pass the savings on to YOU.

Kit Prices include one entryway.  The number of entryways, window dormers, door dormers and skylights vary by floor plan design.  To view Stck Plan Pricing with the appropriate Kit with option pricing, click on Stock Plan & Stock Kit Pricing

Dome Sizes
2009 Kit Prices 
To take advantage of this offer, ask which months are available for shipping, make your selection and we will send you an order form.



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