Cement Home built on concrete slabs & two photo galleries.
One showing construction pictures, the other shows finished exterior & interior. 

“In the six years since we have moved into our double dome home (45′ & 34′) we have only increased our enthusiasm for this structure. There is something about the interior space that is very liberating and imaginative. One of the main reasons we built the Ai domes was its noncombustible concrete exterior. Our home site is surrounded by forests that can burn at any time. So it gives us great comfort knowing their is no roof to burn & no exterior wood framed walls to burn.”  (Ron Kaufman & Marti Leicester, happy Ai Dome Owners)  

To view an article about their domes published in the Butte Environmental Council’s (BEC) News, click on Chico News.

Photos of Dome Interior Finish

45′ & 34′ Kaufman/Leicester Domes in California

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Assembly Photos California Concrete Dome Home


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