These two photos are of a kitchen            This center kitchen             This kitchen has

         with island in a 40' Dome.                           has a counter.                    an island





    Kitchen in a 45' Dome                                   Kitchen in a 40' Dome



Appliance Garages in American Ingenuity Dome Kitchens:


To install kitchen cabinets along an outside dome shell, a vertical 2x4 framed wall has to be built.  This results in a deep area behind the counter top which can be used to park appliances...keeping clutter off your counters.   Here the dome owner constructed vertical sliding doors to hide the appliances.









This dome owner built their kitchen on an interior wall.   Because they wanted appliance garages, they built deeper walls. The appliance garages are hidden behind the blue glass panels.






                                         This kitchen/dining area is in a 40' Dome