Kitchens, Cabinets, Islands, Appliance Garages

Almost any of American Ingenuity’s stock floor plans can be modified to increase the counter and cabinet space. To view sample stock plans showing kitchen arrangements for each of the ten dome kit sizes, click on Stock Plans.  If you do not see a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai can modify or customize the plans from your descriptions or notes.   We would love to answer your questions about floor plan design within a dome home.  Please call us Monday - Friday 9-5 eastern time.

  1. American Ingenuity can move the bottom cabinets about 17″ away from the curved dome wall, add overhead cabinets to a 7 ft. partition wall and create appliance garages by extending the counter top to the dome shell.
  2. Kitchen cabinets can also be installed on an entryway wall. This will allow for a above counter cabinets and a window above the sink to be installed in framed entryway wall.
  3. If kitchen is designed along dome wall, a window dormer can be installed above the kitchen sink to allow for an opening window above the sink.
  4. Or kitchen cabinets can be hung on interior walls within the dome.


These two photos are of a kitchen in a 40′ dome with the sink and cabinets installed on an outside dome shell wall. A 2×4 wall is attached to the dome shell to make a vertical wall for the installation of the cabinets.






This center kitchen has a counter 





Kitchen in a 45′ Dome Kitchen in a 40′ Dome


Appliance Garages in American Ingenuity Dome Kitchens

To install kitchen cabinets along an outside dome shell, a vertical 2×4 framed wall is built. This results in a deep area behind the counter top which can be used to park appliances…keeping clutter off your counters.  Here the dome owner constructed vertical sliding doors to hide the appliances.




This dome owner built their kitchen on an interior wall. Because they wanted appliance garages, they built deeper walls. The appliance garages are hidden behind the blue glass panels.


Kitchen/dining area in a 40′ Dome
Kolb20006_resized Kolb20005_resized
Kitchen in a 40′ Dome