Concrete Home & Concrete Garage in South Carolina.  Kolb 40ft Dome Home (three bedroom two bath) with 27ft Dome two car garage.

40′ Dome first floor is 1,271 sq.ft.  2nd floor is 370 sq.ft. For total of 1,641
27′ Garage dome has 550 sq.ft. on first floor & 130 sq.ft. in its attic storage area.

This Geodesic Dome Home built from American Ingenuity’s standard dome kits with R28 insulation is super energy efficient with a low environmental impact.  It has been tested by a third party independent testing company (Home Energy Partners) and was subsequently certified as an ENERGY STAR HOME by EPA. The home actually uses 61 percent less energy than a comparably sized home.  He installed a geothermal cooling & heating system.  Klaus’s 2003 total monthly average energy bill was $49. This includes the electricity and propane costs for his entire 1,600 sq.ft. – 40 ft. dome.

The Energy Star label can only be placed on completed houses. The label cannot go on a Building Kit. Some of American Ingenuity’s clients have had their completed dome homes rated and received the Energy Star label. To find out how your dome home can receive an Energy Star Label, call the EPA Energy Star hot line 1-888-782-7937 and ask for a company in your area that can rate your home.

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