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American Ingenuity Dome

LayAway Plan

With an initial deposit and minimum payments each year, you can lock-in Ai's current year's kit with one entryway regular pricing for up to three years. Our receipt of your down payment will determine the year's kit with one entryway pricing that you will receive.

Kits shipped more than three years after your initial deposit will receive kit with one entryway regular pricing that was effective three years prior to your established ship date.

You will avoid future price increases on the kit with one entryway regular pricing for up to three years and experience a considerable savings on kits shipped after three years.  Building options, entryways, window dormers, door dormers, cupolas, etc. are added on at the current year's regular kit with one entryway pricing in effect when the kit is shipped.

While you are enrolled in our LayAway plan you can make payments monthly, every three months or every six months, as long as the yearly total is not below the minimum.

At your request and for any reason, all LayAway payments are completely refundable until you place an order for us to manufacture your kit.

You can take your time designing your home because the payments are based on an estimated cost for a building kit and options.

If in doubt about the dome size, make your payments on the larger size dome that you are considering building. During the process you can always switch to a smaller dome.

 All monies received are completely refundable prior to the manufacture of your kit.


Dome Size       Est. Kit Cost        Down Payment  Monthly Payments    Min.yearly Payment 

     22’               $12,655                         $1,300             $200                             $2,400

     27’               $17,525                         $1,800             $275                             $3,300

     30’               $21,495                         $2,200             $340                             $4,000

     34’               $25,860                         $2,600             $410                             $4,900

     36’               $28,070                         $2,800             $440                             $5,200

     40’               $32,370                         $3,200             $510                             $6,000

     45’               $38,955                         $3,900             $610                             $7,200

     48’               $44,970                         $4,500             $710                             $8,500


8777 Holiday Spring Road, Rockledge, FL 32955-5805
Phone: 321-639-8777, Fax: 321-639-8778

Please complete the LayAway form below and include it with your down payment.

You will receive an email receipt each time you make a payment.




Dome Size(s) _______________            Month/Year you may expect to build? ____________


Name: ______________________________         Email: ___________________________


Address: ____________________________        Phone: ___________________________


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