Domes are interconnected by links.  It is very common to connect a house dome to a garage dome with a ten foot link.  We have had at least one customer connect three or more domes together using links. Because the riser wall is a standard four foot height, all domes will match each other despite a difference in diameters.


Typically we try to talk our clients out of connecting three to four domes....because three to four smaller domes cost more than two bigger domes.   However, we had clients who were handicapped and did not want to install second floors with lifts.  And we have also had clients that simply wanted connected, yet separate, environments for cars, living and sleeping. So they purchased multiple domes.


One of our clients purchased a central 30' dome and connected three 25' domes to it.  Pictured below is three of the four domes with their screen dome under assembly. 



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Links connect between the entryway or dormer openings and taper to fit the width of the opening in each dome.  Additional domes can be connected to existing entryways or door dormers by custom fabricating a link on site.  Garage Entryways take up three risers whereas standard and high profile entryways only take up two risers.  So if you have two garage entryways you can have only one door dormer.   If you have one garage entryway there can be a possibility of 5 door dormers.  If you have no garage entryways you can have up to five door dormers and five window dormers. 

Should I build a link with the first dome if I know that I want to add another dome later?  Yes, it is best to prepare for the addition when designing the first dome and include it in the plans even if it will be build years later or not at all. 


What is the cost of the Link?  If a client orders two domes at the same time, a ten-foot link is no cost. If you purchase the first dome with a link and add the second dome later, a cost will be added to the first dome to cover the complete link and credited when the second dome is purchased.  For example a 40 dome link would cost about $1,000.  The link price consists of 5 at no cost and the other five feet would cost about $1,000.  (Price varies depending upon the size dome). 


What are the Link panels made of?  The panels consists of precut E.P.S. insulation.  The thickness of the E.P.S. in a Link is usually 7" when it takes the place of an Entryway and 3 1/2" when it connects to a door dormer.  The Link panels are not concreted or wrapped with steel mesh.  We ship steel mesh, fibers and admixtures for the link panels.  On site the E.P.S. panels are assembled, steel mesh is attached and concrete is applied.


What is the length/width of your "standard" link at floor level? The length is typically ten feet long.  The width at the ends depends on the dome size and whether the domes are connected at door dormers or at standard or garage entryways.  If the domes are connected at entryways then the link widths are the widths of that dome's entryway.  For example our 27' dome can only be linked to another dome at a door dormer. So if its door dormer was linked to a 30' dome, you would have a link that would be would be about four foot wide on the 27' dome side and 12' to 17' wide on the 30' dome side.   (The 12' to 17' wide varies depending on whether you connect to a standard or garage entryway on the 30' dome.) 


Is the link length determined by the dome size? No, it is a decision on your and our part after discussion.  We usually try to keep links shorter than ten feet because wherever you have rectangular shapes you loose the efficiency of the dome shape.  Plus the longer the link the more expansion and contraction occurs where the link butts to the domes; so there will be leaks.  We have found the ten foot long links to be about as long as you should go.  We ship spandex fabric with the link orders and on site this fabric is troweled into elastomeric paint where the link butts to the domes.  This keeps the leaks down.


If I used a 34' or a 40' dome and connected it to a 27' garage, could I access it from the second floor of the main dome?  No.  Because the 27' dome cannot have a second floor door dormer, you could not access the second floor of the 27' from the second floor door dormer on the 34' or 40' dome.  The smallest size dome that can have a second floor door dormer is a 34'.  If you connected two 34's or a 34' and a 40', you could install a second floor door dormer on each dome and walk from the second floor of the main dome to the second floor of the other dome via the top of the link.


Could there be an extension between the two domes, so the loft over the garage is part of the main house?  No.


Could your link have more height for this? No.


Are there construction consideration for linking domes of different size, i.e. a 27' (garage) to 2 30's (living/sleeping)? No. Because the riser wall is a standard 4 high, all domes will match each other despite a difference in diameters.


Can a screen dome be designed to overlap multiple domes?  Yes