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Tour a geodesic dome on your PC.

Click here to download Cosmo Player for your computer free

Install and choose "Other Unsupported Browsers" click "next" then choose the browser you use.

Then click here to enter the virtual world.

The files are usually 250k so be patient, its well worth the effort.

If the player doesn't work for some reason be sure to install Java Virtual Machine or the latest Windows Security update which also has JVM.

A Buckyball

Did you know that there are 31 great circles in a complete geodesic sphere?

Domes require about 30% less materials to build compared to a conventional homes enclosing the same floor area.

Dome-home living is an incredible experience. It's the most exciting architectural structure ever designed and gives you a home with high, soaring ceilings and rooms filled with light and open space, as well as a warmth that is unparalleled in any other type of home.

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