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  • Money Orders or Checks made out to American Ingenuity and mailed to 8777 Holiday Springs Rd., Rockledge Fl 32955
  • Paypal Accounts:  call us with your PayPal account info and we will email a PayPal invoice

International Customers: DVD and Planning Kit can be mailed internationally; however, the Model Dome Kit cannot be mailed internationally. 

American Ingenuity DVD

Ai's Dome DVD is newly updated as of August 2014. Includes video of prefabricated panels being manufactured, info about 1/2" Georgia Pacific DensArmor Plus High Performance Wallboard, domes under construction, finished domes and Inside Edition TV segment.

$7 includes First Class Mailing Costs for US States Only

An Ai dome went through Hurricane Andrew.  A FEMA official said not only had the Ai dome survived Hurricane Andrew but it had gone through a tornado.  A tornado picked up a two wide metal horse trailer and slammed it against the dome.  The damage was minor...a hairline crack and a small piece of concrete was broken loose on a riser wall.  The dome owner caulked the crack, mixed up our special fiber concrete and patched the hole and then painted over the area with  paint.  In 34 years this is the only American Ingenuity Dome to suffer any damage due to a hurricane, earthquake or tornado.

American Ingenuity Domes carry a warranty against structural damage due to 225 mph winds and F4 tornadoes.

If you order the Planning Kit, DO NOT ORDER THIS DVD separately, as it is included in the Planning Kit.

This  DVD  is shipped via U.S. First Class Mail  to residents of the United States. International orders please contact us directly at 321-639-8777 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. E.T.  or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .    


American Ingenuity Dome Planning Kit with DVD 

This Package includes a sixty page Stock Floor Plan Booklet, a DVD showing prefabricated panels being manufactured, Kit Assembly Pictures and Photos of finished domes, Popular Science front cover story reprint and additional miscellaneous information. 

$14 plus $5.60 Priority Mailing Costs - US States Only.

The 8 1/2" x 11" Floor Plan Booklet includes a sampling of stock floor plans for our 27', 30', 36', 40', 45' and 48' dome homes, stock garage plans for the 22', 27', 30' and 34' domes and blank floor planners for the 22' through 48' domes.  If you have already narrowed down the size dome you wish to build (to one or two dome sizes), the number of bedrooms, and if you desire the master bedroom on main floor, Ai can send you a customized planning kit with plans that fit your needs. Just let us know when placing your order and we will be happy to accommodate you.

The miscellaneous information includes: Answers to Frequent Questions, Pricing/Specifications/Dimensions,Finished Cost, Construction Overview, Kit Assembly Consultant, Paper Mini Dome and Magazine article reprints. 

One Planning Kit is shipped Priority Mail within USA for $5.60. For international orders please contact us directly at 321-639-8777 E.T. or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This Planning Kit includes the DVD; so there is no need to order the DVD separately. 


Model Dome Kit

Construct a 3-D scale Model of a geodesic dome on a four foot tall riser. The dome can be either a 30' or 34' or 40' or 45' or 48'. When assembled the skeleton is 24" in diameter by 15" high. Plastic ribs and hubs form a geodesic see through skeleton. Foam board for walls and floors requires cutting and fitting. 2-D furniture is provided.

$47 Plus USA $15 Mailing Costs - US States Only

This kit does not include a Planning Kit or a 60 page stock floor plan booklet, link patterns or cupola patterns. The Model Dome Kit is not for the two frequency 22' or 27' domes or the four frequency 60' dome.  Ai does not have model dome kits or strut sizes for two freq or four freq domes. 

Shipping within the USA:  One MDK is shipped via Priority Mail within the USA for $15.00. 

International Shipping:   Ai does not ship Model Dome Kits internationally.


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