Concrete Dome Built on Basement in Connecticut
gorgeously designed by international artist Electros. 40 ft dome 3 beds 2 baths 1,809 sq.ft.

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40ft dome is a sophisticated contemporary home perched atop a hill overlooking vibrant South Norwalk and Long Island Sound. Designed by international artist Electros, this stunning home offers imaginative details and flair from the New York style Wet Showers to the sleek aluminum counters and more. Tucked away into a charming neighborhood this Dome style home has three bedrooms, two baths, a wood burning fireplace, four balconies, Douglas fir wood floors and steel structure stairs.

This 40′ dome’s layout has about  60% of its second floor not installed. As a result there are dramatic high vaulted ceilings over the living room,dining room and foyer. The second floor can be built out to allow for 30% or 40% high vaulted ceilings over the first floor. Some times our dome buyers want no high vaulted ceilings over the first floor. It is entirely up to each buyer as to how much of the second floor is installed within the dome which determines the amount of high vaulted ceilings over the first floor.

Please call and our friendly staff can discuss the customizing of floor plans. Our office number is 321-639-8777.  We are open for calls Monday - Friday 9-5 eastern time.  To view sample plans for each of American Ingenuity’s dome diameters, please click on Layouts and then scroll down the page to find the hyperlinks to click on.

Ai has other floor plan layouts which can be emailed. Just tell us the number of square feet you are interested in and whether you prefer your master bedroom on the first floor or second floor and Ai will email other layouts that fit that description. If you do not see a stock plan to fit your desires, Ai can modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your notes and sketches for a reasonable fee. Ai designs building plans as a service and does not charge the $1.50 to $2.00  a square foot that engineering firms or architectural firms charge to design residential home plans.

Cement Home built on concrete slabs & two photo galleries.
One showing construction pictures, the other shows finished exterior & interior. 

 “In the six years since we have moved into our double dome home (45′ & 34′) we have only increased our enthusiasm for this structure. There is something about the interior space that is very liberating and imaginative.”
(Ron Kaufman, happy Ai Dome Owner)

Assembly Photos California Concrete Dome Home


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Photos of Dome Interior Finish -

45′ & 34′ Kaufman Domes in California

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Please scroll down the page to read Ai Dome Engineering Statement.  Domes are three-dimensional structures using stable triangles approximating spheres to create multiple load carrying paths from point of load to point of support. The triangle is the only arrangement of structural members that is stable within itself without requiring additional connections at the intersection points to prevent warping of the geometry.  In other words, apply pressure to one edge of a triangle, and that force is evenly distributed to the other two sides, which then transmit pressure to adjacent triangles. That cascading distribution of pressure is how geodesic domes efficiently distribute stress along the entire structure, much like the shell of an egg. 

For over thirty nine years, American Ingenuity’s dome design has proved itself by withstanding the following acts of nature with no structural damage: Hurricane Andrew’s 165-212 mph winds, a tornado that rolled up a steel horse trailer and slammed it against the Miami Fl dome, four hurricanes in 2004, Hurricane Katrina, 6.6 earthquake in 2006, sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow loads of the Northwest Territory of Canada, a 30″ in diameter 115 foot tall hickory tree impact, a lighting strike and many other conditions. To view recap of acts of Nature click on Disaster Resistant.

Stairs inside 45' dome.  (Rail Chairs can be installed next to stairs for those that do not want to walk stairs.)

Spacious 45′ dome with high vaulted ceiling over living room, dining room & stairs.  Center of 45′ dome is 22 1/2 ft tall. Not visible on the left is high profile entryway. (Rail Chair can be installed next to stairs for those that do not want to walk stairs)

Engineering Statement for American Ingenuity Dome Building Kits.  Geodesic domes are “an extremely efficient use of materials resulting in a maximization of interior spaces while minimizing exterior surface area and therefore creating a materially and energy efficient structure.” However because the dome is not very common, building codes do not cover dome construction. However within all building codes is a section that allows for alternative materials and methods for residential home construction per section 104.11 which covers the American Ingenuity dome.  As a result an engineering statement can be submitted to your building department stating American Ingenuity’s component panels comply with section 104.11.

An engineering statement and your building plans can be sealed by an independent  Professional Engineer (PE) licensed for your state if required by your building department. The fee for the engineer seal on your building plans depends on the number of domes in your plans and the type foundation.  For example the engineer seal fee for one dome built on a monolithic slab is $600; one dome on a basement is $900. This fee is for all size domes.   (Just to clarify these engineer seal fees are low versus Ai utilizing an engineering firm or architectural firm whose fees can be $1,500 to $3,000 to seal a set of residential new home building plans)

American Ingenuity utilizes a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to seal its dome building plans when required by your building department.  The following two engineering statements are provided by Thomas Mixter, P.E., one of the two engineers that Ai utilizes to seal its building plans.  Mr. Mixter has a license to seal residential building plans for 47 USA states.

Engineering Statement One:

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is submitted as an engineering statement in regards to the panel composition of the geodesic dome buildings manufactured by American Ingenuity, Inc., 8777 Holiday Springs Road, Rockledge Fl.

The panel composition of the geodesic dome buildings are certified by me as being designed in accordance with and conforms to the intent of the 2012 International Residential Building Code, California Building Code and Florida 2014 Building Code 5th Edition as allowed alternative materials and methods for residential construction per section R104.11. Georgia-Pacific’s DensArmor Plus High Performance Interior ½” Gypsum Wallboard/drywall used as the interior face of the panels which meets the thermal barrier requirements of R316.4 as shown by third party testing.

I certify that as the evaluating engineer, I am independent of the manufacturer, American Ingenuity, Inc.

Thomas Mixter

Engineering Statement Two. The above statement was revised for a California Building Department to produce the statement below.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been designing geodesic style domes with various materials for 19 years.  I have designed domes fabricated with steel, wood, aluminum and concrete with spans up to 390 feet in diameter.  There has never been a failure on any completed dome that I have designed in the several thousand that I have stamped throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

The geodesic dome by its very design is an extremely efficient use of materials resulting in a maximization of interior spaces while minimizing exterior surface area and therefore creating a materially and energy efficient structure. But this configuration is not very common and therefore not considered by most components of the building codes.

In my opinion the dome referenced above (American Ingenuity Dome for specific California site address) meets the intent of the minimum steel provisions of ACI 318-11 section 10.5 and CBC 104.11 for alternative materials and provides a comparable or higher level of quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety.  The inherent strength of the geodesic dome configuration creates a minimalistic combination of materials that is less than the more common building materials and configurations considered by the building codes.  This style of dome has been successfully installed in many locations throughout the United States.

Thomas Mixter PE Licensed for California & 46 other USA states


Dome Advantages Summary. What are the Dome Advantages of an American Ingenuity Dome?  Super-strong, super-energy efficient, low exterior maintenance and environmentally safe.  Please scroll down the page to view specific info about each advantage.

Q: Does American Ingenuity have an engineering statement about your prefabricated dome panels that can be viewed?

A:  Yes, to view the statement click on Engineering.

 Disaster Resistant 
up to 225 mph Hurricane Winds  & F-4 Tornado Guarantee
Exterior pilings2 Mowery platform
40′ American Ingenuity Dome Built in 1986 – few hundred feet from Atlantic Ocean.
Went through Hurricane Andrew with no damage.
In 1992 Hurricane Andrew had sustained winds of 165 mph
with bursts of 212 mph - Category 5 Hurricane
The dome’s geodesic shape combined with the steel reinforced concrete exterior allows for such a guarantee.  Ai’s standard design will accommodate up to 225 mph hurricane winds, F4 tornadoes and 50 lb. snow loads. In almost 40 years, Ai domes have survived all major USA hurricanes (Andrew & Katrina), tornadoes, a Hawaiian earthquake, and a 30″ in diameter hickory tree impact with no structural damage.  To read a recap of the Ai dome and acts of nature, view on Nature.

The State of Florida requires Insurance Companies to offer reduced rates to homes that have high wind mitigation features.  The American Ingenuity dome meets and exceeds these requirements.  One of Ai’s client’s hurricane insurance premium went from $850 to $90 after he had his dome & windows/doors/shutters inspected and a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form was completed by a Qualified Inspector.

Manufactured dome homes are constructed using a triangular network to form a spherical shape. This method provides for a free span, self-supporting structure requiring no internal supports such as roof load bearing partition walls. This allows for maximum flexibility of floor plan design and utilization of interior space.

As an architectural form, the dome is one of the strongest structural forms devised and built by man. Domes that were built centuries ago enclose many of the great cathedrals of Europe. Domes are structurally superior to rectilinear enclosures. The partial sphere is an aerodynamic shape that is very stable in high winds and can withstand heavy snow loads. For these reasons, residential domes greatly exceed the structural requirements of the major building codes in the United States.

One of the most exciting architectural environments ever designed, a dome brings its best attributes to your home. It delivers a rewarding living experience filled with warmth, light and open space to those who accept the challenge to build and live in their own dome.


Menendez -exterior

45 ft in diameter dome in Homestead Florida - Built in 1989.

Went through Hurricane Andrew & a Tornado at the same time

with no structural damage.

Minor Damage Due to Horse Trailer Impact

In August 1992 American Ingenuity domes were put to the ultimate test of strength when they faced the wrath of Hurricane Andrew as it slammed into south Florida. Winds at the nearby Tamiami airport were clocked at 212 mph, spawning over 100 tornadoes within the storm and leaving practically everything in its wake leveled. Nearly 200,000 people become homeless overnight. Even a tower at the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant, designed to withstand 200-mph winds, was irrevocably damaged by this fierce storm. We were not surprised, however, when we learned that our domes survived – in great contrast to the thousands of conventionally built houses of their neighbors. On Key Largo, just 20 miles south of the eye of the storm, an Ai 40′ dome faced the brunt of the storm. Built on pilings near the Atlantic Ocean, it was exposed to relentless high winds and driving rain. Unlike houses and commercial buildings in the surrounding area, it sustained absolutely no damage.

Above is picture of a 45′ American Ingenuity dome home that was in the direct path of the devastating storm, bearing the worst Andrew could deliver; yet it suffered no structural damage. A two wide metal horse trailer was impelled against the dome leaving a paint skid marking on the dome where the trailer slide around the dome to the other side. The horse trailer caused a crack in the riser wall and a chunk of concrete to break loose. The dome owner, caulked the crack and mixed up fiber concrete and filled the chunk and then painted the area.

Due to the type and direction of the debris scattered around the dome’s neighborhood, an engineer from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) surmised that a tornado had struck the area. The engineer’s own Alabama home had been hit by a tornado a few years ago, so he was impressed by the integrity of the dome on an emotional as well as a professional level. The dome structure had withstood not only the force of a hurricane but a tornado as well. The incredibly intense winds ripped open double entry doors and 12′ sliding glass doors, which had been covered with protective plywood sheathing. Even though the wood and glass doors of the entryways succumbed to the wind and allowed interior water damage from the rain, the dome itself stood strong.



Save 50% to 60% on your heating & cooling costs

Ai domes protect your wallet by saving you 50% to 60% off your heating and cooling costs. The major reasons for low utility bills are reduced surface area of the dome and its thick insulation uninterrupted by wood. The insulation consists of a seven inch block of rigid R-28 expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) which is comparable to 11 inches of fiberglass batting. This means the walls of a conventional house would need to be built with 2×10’s and still not have as much insulation as is in the Ai wall.

Exterior office 34 with 45'

American Ingenuity Office Domes pictured above

34′ on left linked to 45′ dome - built in 1993

American Ingenuity’s Florida dome offices are a 45′ dome connected to a 34′ dome of 3,700 sq.ft. utilizing all electric power.  In the hot Florida summer months, Ai’s offices can be cooled to 76 degrees for less than $55 a month.To view annual charts and 2013 electric bills for Ai’s offices, click on Office AC Costs. A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq.ft. located in Melbourne Florida can be cooled to 76 degrees for less than $22 a month in the hot Florida summer months. To view the home’s annual charts and 2013 electric bills, click on 34 ft Dome AC Costs. In colder climates your dome will be even more energy efficient.   

The insulation is not interrupted by wood and there is no wood in the home’s exterior walls to rot or burn or be eaten by termites. During the panel assembly a temporary wooden rib system is used.  Once all the seams between the panels & the entryways & dormers are concreted, the wooden rib system is removed with most wood recycled for interior framing & second floor knee wall perimeter framing.  The dome is self supporting with no need for walls to support its shell. The exterior of the dome is steel reinforced concrete with no shingles to blow off in high winds.  Paint the exterior concrete with concrete primer & paint.

18.17 second floor door & window P2260008

Kolb’s South Carolina 40′ Dome Earned Energy Star

On right is 27′ - two car garage dome.  Domes built in 2000

Klaus Kolb’s South Carolina Ai concrete dome house earned EPA’s Energy Star.  Home Energy Partners certified his home used 61% less energy than in comparably-size housing.  To lean more, view Kolb Info.  He installed a geothermal cooling & heating system.  Klaus’s 2003 total monthly average energy bill was $49. This includes the electricity and propane costs for his entire 1,600 sq.ft. – 40 ft. dome.

Below is pic of the Collar’s Utah Ai concrete dome buildings which operate off the grid by using photovoltaic’s, masonry heater fireplace and passive solar water tubes. To learn more, view OFF The Grid.


45' dome and 30' dome on right.  Domes are off the Grid.

Collar - 45′ dome and 30′ dome on right located in Utah. Domes are off the Grid.

 Collar Domes built in 1997 at 7,500′ elevation.

To view a  fantastic YouTube Video of American Ingenuity 48′ dome with 34′ garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico, click on Gorgeous Dome.

The Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS)
 Utilized in the Ai Dome Building Kit Does NOT Contain:
 HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane)
or TCPP (1-chloro-2-propyl) phosphate
 or Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or Formaldehyde.
Materials in the Dome Component Panels
Contain no food source for mold growth
Steel Reinforced Concrete, EPS, 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor Gypsum Drywall

What Does The Component Panel and Dome Building  Kit Consist Of?

The component panels consist of a center core of 7″ of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS)  insulation NOT styrofoam. On the exterior of the EPS is 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh. On the interior of the EPS is 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor mold resistant and water resistant gypsum drywall.   DensArmor Plus Interior Panel is a highly mold-resistant, interior gypsum wallboard. By featuring fiberglass mats on both the front and the back, they offer the best in interior moisture protection currently available.  During kit assembly it could rain.  After the drywall is allowed to dry it goes back to its original consistency.  The wallboard is not conventional sheet rock that will crumble and mold when it gets wet. The seam areas between the panels, once filled with on-site fiber concrete are about 3″ deep by 5″ wide with the concrete averaging two inches in thickness. Engineers tell us the steel reinforced concreted seams act like steel beams.  To learn about the prefabricated panel’s composition, click on Composition.

The building plans standard foundation is monolithic slab. However Ai can design the dome to be built on basements, pilings, stem wall, etc.  To lean more, click on Foundations.

Due to spam filters your email requests may not make it to American Ingenuity and our email replies may not make it back to you.  If you email Ai and do not receive a reply in one to two days, please call us - 321-639-8777.  While you are on the phone, we will send you a test email and have you send your email to us.

The Ai Dome Building Kit (22′-48′) consists of all the component panels for the dome’s exterior shell and one entryway. Your floor plan selection determines how many more entryways or dormers your kit contains.  Entryways and dormers are structural awnings that extend out from the dome.  Under them a 2×4 or 2×6 framed wall is built on site to accept your locally purchased windows and doors. To view Kit Contents, click on  Kit.  To learn more about the entryways and dormers, click on Building Options. The kit does not include any doors or windows or interior items other than the interior wallboard on each triangle and riser panel. Ai believes you should not pay shipping on standard items that you can purchase locally from Lowes or Home Depot or off Craig’s List, or eBay, etc..  To view items not included in the kit, click on Not Included.


Ai Concrete Houses protect and lower your maintenance budget because their concrete roofs contain no shingles and no wood to rot, or to burn or to be eaten by termites. The exterior is steel reinforced concrete that is primed and painted.  Dome owners prefer Ames Research Laboratories products which can be purchased at Ace, True Value Hardware, Build-rite Do It Center.  Ames Products can be researched and videos viewed at Ames. When on their web site click on Products and Dealer Location for suppliers in your area.

Click on Low Maintenance. View a YouTube 55 second video featuring Ai’s dome Green Living.  Click on  CBS Sunday Morning to view news show featuring Ai’s geodesic dome and Buckminster Fuller.

Klaus  leo washing 090  

Above picture is of a painted 34′ dome being pressure washed.  Prior to pressure washing kill algae with bleach/water or oxygen bleach/water.  Worker has harness tied to eye bolt. The dome is repainted when the paint begins to chalk.  …usually every 4-5-6 years.  The Ai dome has no roof to replace. No wood in or on the dome exterior to rot or to burn or for termites to eat.  No roof to blow off in high winds.


Kolb painting dome side

Dome Owner Painting Top of Dome (harness not pictured)

During Kit Assembly stainless steel eye bolts are installed in top dome seams.

For painting attach rope thru eye bolt and tie rope to worker’s harness.

Current technology allows for paint to be dispensed to roller from paint sprayer that sits on the ground.

kolb pressure washing

 This dome pic is of a 40′ dome that had been previously painted. 
Prior to repainting the dome, kill algae with
combination of bleach water or oxygen bleach & water, then pressure wash.

Concrete Home on basement Concrete Dome in Missouri.  Gorgeous 45′ diameter American Ingenuity dome home  on basement overlooking 2 acre pond.  Dome Kit was purchased in 1992.  Dome has five standard entryways on first floor with wrap around deck with stairs. Second floor has balcony and two window dormers.

“Building the dome was a labor of love. We had visited your offices and researched every model and floor plans of every kit manufacturer in the US and, as you know, chose American Ingenuity’s kit. It was a wonderful experience constructing it. We appreciate all the guidance and support we received from you folks. We are available for testimonials and recommendations to any and all interested parties.”

(Ralph Oliver satisfied Ai dome owner builder)

  • Dome view from pond.

(click dots to change picture or use left and right arrows in picture)

  • 45' Dome front entrance in early spring.

(click dots to change picture or use left and right arrows in picture)

3,900 sq. ft., four stories, including finished basement and cupola; 3 baths, 2 kitchens, sunken conversation pit, wet bar, fireplace, curved staircase w/mirrors, central vac system, sauna, hardwood and carpeted flooring, ceramic tile floors in bath, utility room and kitchen.

Basement included exercise area, sauna with bathroom & shower, work shop and second kitchen.

Ten acre wooded setting, exceptional landscaping with over 100 hostas, gazebo, water ponds, water wheel, rock garden, cement drive, picnic and garden areas and more.


To view Oliver Dome Floor Plans click and view in your PDF browser or right click and save to your computer.

Oliver First Floor Layout PDF

Oliver Second Floor Layout PDF

Oliver Basement Layout PDF

Stock Plans Stock Kits picture

Floor Plan Name
Building Options: E is entryway; WD is window dormer; DD is door dormer Stock Plans Pricing with no discount. Call for discount. Kit w’ Options Pricing with no discount. Call for discount.
22′ Alpha 11 1E, 1 WD w’ 7″ EPS & 1/2″ wallboard $1,134 $21,645
27′ Alpha 11
1E, 1DD, 3WD
$1,134 $28,680
27′ Beta 11 1E, 1DD, 4WD $1,134 $29,025
27′ Delta 11 1E, 1DD, 3WD $1,134 $28,680
27′ Epsilon 11 1E, 1DD, 4WD $1,134 $29,025
27′ Kappa 11 1E, 1DD, 4WD $1,134 $29,025
27′ Omega 11 1E, 1DD, 4WD $1,134 $29,025
27′ Sigma 11 1E, 1DD, 4WD $1,134 $29,025
27′ Theta 11 2E, 10WD (double dome) $2,268 $57,990
27′ Zeta 11 2E, 5WD $1,134 $29,405
30 Alpha 11
$1,198 $32,050
30 Omega 11
3E, 2WD
$1,198 $31,860
30 SIGMA 11
$1,198 $31,610

Optional Basement Plans



30 ZETA 11
$1,198 $31,610
 34 Stock Plans  Request via email
36 DELTA 11
3E, 4WD
$1,294 $39,250
36 KAPPA 11
3E, 3WD
$1,294 $38,905
36 OMEGA 11
3E, 1WD
$1,294 $38,215
36 SIGMA 11  
W’ 22 GAMMA 2
4E, 2WD(22 Gamma 1E, 1DD)
w’ 7″ eps & 1/2″ wallboard
$2,265 $60,695
36 ZETA 21
3E, 2WD
$1,294 $38,560

Optional Basement Plans

$1,077 N/A 
40 ALPHA 11
3E, 2WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $44,960
40 BETA 22
3E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $45,305

Optional Basement Plans

$1,204 N/A 
40 BETA 32
w’ 30 GAMMA 21
2E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD,
(30 Gamma 1E, 1 1st floor DD)
$2,349 $75,485
3E, 4WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $45,650

Optional Basement Garage

$1,204  N/A
40 THETA 11
3E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $45,305
40 ZETA 11
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $45,100
40 ZETA 32
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,333 $45,100

Optional Basement Garage 

$1,204 N/A 
40 ZETA 33
W/ 27 GAMMA 22
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD,
(27 Gamma 1E, 1 1st floor DD)
$2,304 $72,745
45 ALPHA 22
3E, 2WD, 1 1stfloor & 1 2nd floor DD
$1,427 $53,390
45 BETA 11
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,427 $53,165
45 OMEGA 22
4E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,427 $53,855
45 SIGMA 22
4E, 3WD
$1,427 $53,390
45 ZETA 32
3E, 2High Profile E, 1WD
$1,427 $54,060
45 DELTA 32
w’ 34 GAMMA 22
3E, 3WD,
(34 Gamma 2E, 3WD)
$2,489 $88,695
45 DELTA 33
4E, 1WD, 2 2nd floor DD
$1,427 $53,630

Optional Basement Garage

$1,276 N/A 
4E, 2WD, 1 2nd floor DD

optional Basement Garage 

$1,276 N/A 
45 SIGMA 33
3E, 1 High Profile E, 4WD
$1,427 $53,735

Optional Basement Garage 

$1,276 N/A 
48 ALPHA 22
3E, 1High Profile E, 2 2nd floor WD
$1,514 $58,255
48 BETA 22
2E, 2High Profile E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,514 $60,305
48 DELTA 22
1E, 2High Profile E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$1,514 $59,755
48 DELTA 33
3E, 2High Profile E, 2 2nd floor DD
$1,514 $60,315

Optional Basement Garage 

$1,343 N/A 
48 OMEGA 21
3E, 1High Profile E, 4 2nd floor WD
$1,514 $59,550
48 ZETA 11
4E, 3WD
$1,514 $59,810
1E, 1 1stfloor DD w’ 7″ eps, 1/2″
$971 $21,665
27 GAMMA 1
1E, 1 1st floor DD
$971 $27,645
1E, 1 1st floor DD
$1,016 $30,665
2E, 3 2nd floor WD
$1,062 $35,825


Building Kit orders require a 30% deposit for 22′ through 36′ domes and 40% for 40′ through 48′ domes along with a signed Order Form, Conditions of Sale (Warranty) and Specialized Material Agreement. The final payment should be in the form of a cashier’s check, bank check or wire transfer 14 days prior to shipment. For Building Kits shipped to Florida sites, add 6% sales tax plus your counties surtax.  Plans are paid in full prior to scheduling design. Clients pay  mailing costs for the plans, or the plans may be emailed in pdf format and printed out at your location (suggested for international). Plans can be paid via Visa, Master Card, Discover, personal check or money order. We do not accept American Express.


Freight for Building Kits is approximately $2.15 to $2.70 per mile per step deck semi-truck, from Ai’s plant in Rockledge, Florida. Minimum shipping is $800. One truck can carry one 30′, 34′, 36′, 40′, 45′, or 48′ Kit or two 27′ Kits or two 22′ Kits with standard 3 1/2″ or 7″ insulation. 45′ or 48′ kits with 9″ insulation require two trucks for delivery. USA arrangements for shipping is made by American Ingenuity.  Shipping costs can change without notice due to fuel costs, fuel surcharges, distances, etc.  Please call our office, 321-639-8777, to find out our latest shipping information.


Allow 2 - 4 weeks for Stock Floor Plans. Allow at least 5 weeks for modified plans and 10 weeks for custom plans. For Building Kits allow 12 to 16 weeks after completing a building kit order.
  • Plan pricing is for one dome & two sets of plans. If two domes then pricing is based on the diameter of each dome.

  • The Plans Pricing does not include an Engineer Seal or an Energy Report. Both items can be purchased from American Ingenuity if required by your building department to issue you a building permit.

  • Conditions and costs may change requiring our prices to increase without prior notice.

This page contains photo gallery showing American Ingenuity Geodesic Dome Home Entryways & Dormers.  The diagram below identifies structural awnings where your locally purchased doors and windows can be installed in the dome exterior walls.  At specific locations around the perimeter of the dome, triangles and riser panels can be left out to provide openings where structural awnings called entryways and dormers are installed. Under these structural awnings you or your framer builds 2×6 framed walls and installs your locally purchased doors and windows. To compensate for the triangle and riser panels being left out, these “structural awnings” – entryways and dormers have to be installed.  To view info about Entryways & Dormer Building Options, click on Options.  To view sample dome home plans showing exterior door and window locations in the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc, please click on Dome Home Plans.

(Click small images to change picture or use arrows on lower right of main picture)



Below is a Photo Gallery showing various geodesic dome home interiors of finished American Ingenuity Concrete Homes. Domes are built on basements, columns and monolithic concrete slabs.  Ai has geodesic dome home plans for each of its eight dome home kits. The dome plans show high vaulted ceilings over living rooms and dining rooms.   To view stock floor plan layouts, please click on Flexible Design

(Click arrows left and right side to change picture)

Oregon Dome Interior Construction pictures of Willis Concrete dome.

Stairs in dome.  Free form, L shaped, Spiral. Below is Photo Gallery showing various ways that stairs are built within the American Ingenuity dome. Stairs can be free form as shown in the Connecticut dome, built in with storage underneath, spiral stairs, welded contemporary stairs to traditional oak stairs. If a cupola is installed at the top center of the 40′ or 45′ or 48′ in diameter domes then a small loft above the second floor is possible. Access the loft with a drop down ladder or a ships ladder.

(Click small images to change picture or use arrows on lower right of picture)

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