Photos of American Ingenuity Concrete domes built from prefabricated component panels.

Connecticut 40 dome pics

Oklahoma Marshall 48′ linked to 40′ dome garage

California Kaufman 45′ linked to 34′ dome garage

North Carolina Stroupe 45′ Dome Pics

South Carolina Kolb 40′ & 27′ Dome Pics

Pennsylvania Charles 40ft Dome Pics

Utah Collar 45′ linked to 30′ dome

Florida 34′ Dome Pics

Florida Whaley 34′ & 27′ Dome Pics

Missouri Oliver 40′ dome

New Mexico Davy 22ft Domes

North Carolina 34′ pics

North Carolina Wallace 45′ Dome Pics

California Berres 48′ Construction pics

Oregon Willis Shell construction pictures

Dome Pictures

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