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                 34' Dome                                                 48' and 34' in different views

                 with standard entryway

                 and wood front porch




                                             Different views of 34' dome                            45' Dome





            Dome on full basement               40' Dome on pilings            34' with photovotaics

            with deck, balcony, cupola

            window dormers, standard



                                                                    34' and 45' Domes                                                           

                                                             Dome on right has high profile

                                                            entryway.  Dome on left has

                                                            standard entryway.






                                             34' Dome               Side view of 27' and 34' Dome




34' Dome on full                           48' Dome with garage dome                       34' Dome in the front

basement, built                                                                                                     with 22' Dome Garage

on the side of a                                                                                                      in the back.




            The above three photos and below five photos are of a 27' dome garage and 40' dome home.













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