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Radial Support

The Radial System has been used to assemble the 22' and 27' domes.  However, American Ingenuity does not recommend this method....more time consuming than utilizing the temporary wooden rib system and greater chance of error in panel positioning.  The Rib System method is preferred because it allows for exact panel placement onto the erected geodesic rib skeleton.  If you hire the Kit Assembly Consultant, he prefers to use the wooden rib system.

During the radial support method, as each panel is placed, a measurement is taken from the panel point to the center of the dome to assure correct positioning. The panel is then held by 2x4’s braced against the floor while the seams are concreted.

This dome being built on a radial support method. Some of the entryway panels are being supported with 2x4's.

Some triangle panels are
being supported with 2x4's.

The riser wall and the first row of hexagons and pentagon panels have been installed using the radial support method.

Some second row triangles are being installed next to some entryway panels using the radial support method.


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