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Exterior stone front w wood deck240 ft dome on basement

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Kit Pricing includes  Exterior 3/4″ Fiber Concrete Reinforced w’ Galvanized Steel Mesh, 

7″- R-28 Insulation & 1/2″ DensArmor Plus Gypsum Drywall

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The 15′ - 48′ American Ingenuity Dome Building Kit consists of all the triangular and 4′ riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway.(The 15′ & 18′ kits also come with additional 2′ risers).  On the exterior of each 15′- 48′ triangle & riser panel is 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh, interior has 7″ - R28 Expanded Polystyrene Insulation with 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor Plus gypsum drywall adhered to the insulation with wallboard adhesive. On site fiber concrete is hand trowelled into the seam areas averaging two inches thick.  Engineers tell us the seam areas act like steel beams.  To view pictures of panels, click on Building Kit Contents

Due to the small size of the 15′ & 18′ tiny homes to obtain vertical space around the dome perimeter to install a shower & other items, the kits come with standard four foot risers and additional two foot risers. The 15′ and 18′ domes can be purchased with 3 1/2″ R14 EPS NOT 7″ R28 EPS and no interior 1/2″ drywall.

Your floor plan selection determines how many additional entryways, door dormers, window dormers that will be shipped with your Kit. To view floor planners, elevation views and stock plans for each size dome, please click on Dome Home Plans.  To view pics, info and Tiny Home Plans, click on Tiny Domes.

To keep building kit pricing low, it is American Ingenuity’s philosophy that each buyer pay for only what they need. Ai does not burden the price of the building kit with plan’s pricing, engineer seal cost or energy report cost. Building plans are purchased 3 months to 1 1/2 years prior to kit shipment.  About 50% of the building departments require engineer sealed plans and an energy report to issue a permit. And some even request engineer sealed structural calculations.  As a result each buyer pays for their plans separately from the building kit and pays for a seal and energy report only if their building department requires them. This can be confusing, so please call our office at 321-639-8777 Monday thru Friday eastern time and we can clarify.  

To learn about American Ingenuity’s 15′, 18′, 22′, 27′, 30′ & 34′ domes utilized as small one bedroom/one bath domes to two bedroom/two bath homes, view Tiny Homes.   To view a page that includes pictures of Kit Assembly, view Dome Kit Assembly.

Q: Does American Ingenuity have an engineering statement about your dome panels that can be submitted to my building department?

A:  Yes, to view the statement click on Engineering.

To learn about Ai’s Residential Dome Building Plans Sale, click on  Plans Discount and scroll down the page to see the Plans Chart.

Due to spam filters your email requests may not make it to American Ingenuity and our email replies may not make it back to you.  If you email Ai and do not receive a reply in one to two days, please call us.  While you are on the phone, we will send you a test email and have you send your email to us.

An entryway is a structural item (an awning/eyebrow) that extends out from the dome.  Under this entryway your locally purchased doors and windows are installed.  Each of Ai’s stock floor plans vary in the number and location of entryways and dormers (places for single windows or single doors to be installed).   Building Options is the general term that we apply to entryways, dormers, cupola, taller risers and link.  Building Options  for the 27′ - 48′ domes can add $2,000 to $4,000 on to the price of the basic building kit.  Once your plans are finished, Ai can complete an Order Form/Parts List that lists the items that come with the kit at no additional cost and lists additional items that can be purchased from Ai. For example each customer can purchase from Ai: suspension rods/top plate/bottom plate, additional cans of expanding foam, metal foam dispensing gun, cans of cleaner, bonding agent, fibers, admixtures, Simpson hangers, 1/2″ galvanized steel mesh for exterior framed walls, 2×4’s cut/drilled/painted for your temporary wooden rib system,etc.

Please scroll down this page to see the pricing of the individual Building Options. 

Ai’s stock plans show the location of the entryways, dormers, etc.  If a stock plan does not fit your lifestyle, Ai can modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches.  Some of the stock floor plans can be viewed and printed out by going to this link Stock Floor Plans.  Please scroll down the page to find the blue hyperlinks to click on.  If you want the stock plans mailed, call for printing and mailing costs.

To view the file that lists the Stock Plans pricing and the appropriate Building Kit with Building Options pricing for some of the stock plans, click on Stock Plan and Stock Kit Prices. Please be aware the pricing does not include any current discounts.  To view the Kit Discount, click on Kit Sale.  Please scroll down the sale page to view the Plans Sale Chart.

To view a file that covers the max square footage by floor in each size dome, please click on Specifications.

Entryways are available as standard, high profile and garage.  The 30′ thru 48′ dome standard & high profile entryways consist of 3 1/2″ E.P.S. with steel mesh attached & concrete on the underside.  22′ & 27′ Garage entryways are 3 1//2″ EPS with no steel mesh. Concrete is applied on site. Second floor window dormers are not available in 15′, 18′, 22′ and 30′ domes.  Second floor door dormers are not available in the 15′, 18′, 22′, 27′, or 30′.

Two domes can be connected by a link. Link panels consist of 7″ or 3 1/2″ thick E.P.S. Steel mesh can be purchased from Ai.  On site, links are custom cut & fitted to the assembled dome kits. On site you or your builder attaches the steel mesh and applies the concrete. Wallboard can be adhered to the link EPS panels at Ai’s plant.  Call for Link pricing.

15′ & 18′ are purchased with standard 4′ riser and additional 2′ risers. 22′ & 27′ domes can be purchased with custom five foot tall risers instead of a four foot risers.   The 30′-48′ domes can have a custom 2′ riser installed above the four foot standard riser.  Call Ai to learn more.  321-639-8777.

To learn more click on:

For garage domes, Ai recommends the 22′, 27′, 30′, 34′ and 36′.   To view Ai’s file on garage domes, click on Garage Domes The dome kit’s standard insulation is noncombustible 7″ R-28 rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Why do I need entryways and dormers to install windows and doors? At specific locations around the perimeter of the dome, triangles and riser panels can be left out to provide openings where you or your framer installs your locally purchased doors and windows using locally purchased materials. To compensate for the triangle and riser panels being left out, these “structural awnings” – entryways, dormers, cupola and link have to be installed.    * For additional light, max out the second floor window dormers & door dormers. Install a tall window instead of a door within a door dormer. Or a solar tube can be installed onsite within a panel. (Do not cut within 8” of a seam).

*Because the 27′ dome is a two frequency dome, its panels are about the size of 40′ panels; as a result its cupola panels are the pricing of the 40′ cupola. 

Payment for Building Kits:

American Ingenuity kits are not stocked and are manufactured on a custom order basis and are considered a Specialized Order, made exclusively for the customer requesting it.  These Specialized Orders require a 30% or 40% deposit (depends on dome size), signed Order Form, Conditions of Sale and Specialized Material Agreement. Once Ai receives these items, materials will be purchased and manufacturing started to meet your shipment date. If you cancel your order after signing the Specialized Agreement the 30% or 40% deposit is nonrefundable and your rights to the kit(s) are forfeited.  The balance, in the form of a cashier’s check is due 21 days prior to shipment. Florida residents, add sales tax plus your counties’ surtax.  No Credit Card Charges. If the building kit is shipped out of Florida, no Florida sales tax or surtax is charged.

The Building Kit Order Form lists the following:

  • Building Kit regular and sale pricing
  • Building Kit Option pricing (entryways, window dormers, door dormers, and cupola, etc.)  To learn more click on Building Options.
  • Misc Parts that can be purchased from Ai. For example, Buyer can purchase: suspension rods/top plate/bottom plate, additional cans of expanding foam, metal foam dispensing gun, cans of cleaner, bonding agent, fibers, admixtures, Simpson hangers, 1/4″ or 1/2″ galvanized steel mesh for exterior framed walls, 2×4’s cut/drilled/painted for your temporary wooden rib system,etc.
  • To learn more click on Items not included in the Kit.
  • Deposit on Steel Hubs of $800 for five months rental with a rent of $20 a month thereafter.  Once hubs are shipped back, Ai refunds your deposit less any rental costs or costs for missing hubs.  To assemble the kits use a temporary wooden rib system to support the panels during assembly. Hubs/bolts/nuts/washers are assembled to your wooden ribs into a geodesic skeleton.  To learn more click on Rib. Once all the seams between the panels are concreted, the entryways and dormers are concreted, etc. the rib system comes down. There is no wood in or on the shell to rot or for termites to eat or to burn. 
  • To make assembly of the temporary wooden rib system easier, purchase the 2×4 ribs precut, holes drilled and ends painted from Ai.  Due to the fluctuation on 2×4 wood pricing, call us at 321-639-8777 for current pricing.
  • Purchase bolts, nuts/washers from Ai.
  • Purchase of Panel Lifting Spikes $100.  To learn more click on FAQ Assembly.
  • If the Building Kit will be built in Florida, a Florida sales tax and that particular counties surtax will be listed.
  • Deposit amounts placed and deposit amounts due. 
  • Discount off the kit with one entryway pricing.
  • Expiration dates on discount and pricing.
  • Shipping cost.

All payments are made in USdollars.

Delivery and Availability:

Once Ai receives your 30% or 40% deposit based on your Building Kit with option’s pricing and signed Building Kit Order Form, Conditions of Sale and Specialized Material Agreement, American Ingenuity schedules your kit for manufacturing.  Manufacturing time varies depending on the time of the year.  Can be four weeks to eight weeks or eight to sixteen weeks for manufacturing time. Please call our office at 321-639-8777 for current manufacturing lead time.


One 53 foot long step deck semi-truck can carry five 15′, two 18′ or one 30′, one 36′, one 40′, one 45′, one 48′ kit (with 7″ EPS), one 27′ and one 22′, or two 22′ kits. A 60′ kit requires two semi-trucks. Thicker 9″ insulation will cause the a 45′ and a 48′ kit to require two trucks each for delivery.   American Ingenuity can coordinate the USA shipping.  International clients coordinate their own shipping using a freight forwarder. To learn about importing American Ingenuity’s dome kit, please click on Importing.

The 15′ & 18′ kits can be ordered with 3 1/2″ eps instead of the standard 7″ EPS insulation and no 1/2″ drywall. With less thick insulation up to ten 15′ kits can fit on one truck and four 18′ kits can fit on one truck.

The number of kits one truck can carry can change if the building kit contains four or five entryways, a link and thicker insulation. For example a 48′ kit with 9″ EPS cannot fit on one semi-truck.  Entryways and a link take up more space than triangular and riser panels.  Once we know your floor plan selection, Ai can be specific about how many truck(s) your order will take.  Due to the large size triangles of a 48′ dome, the H panels will not fit on the semi-truck.  American Ingenuity cuts the EPS/wallboard tips off the H panels so that the remaining H panel will fit on the truck.  On site during assembly, the tips are reattached with expanding foam supplied with the kit at no cost.

Each International client hires a freight forwarder to coordinate their container’s shipping and pays their shipping and custom fees directly to the freight forwarder.  American Ingenuity works with your selected freight forwarder to coordinate your shipment.

Ai’s manufacturing costs in Florida are well below the national average, which offsets any long distance shipping expenses. Ai can actually manufacture a kit here in Florida and ship it to Washington state cheaper than we could manufacture it there. Having our manufacturing plant located in Florida is advantageous for shipping since more is shipped in than out of the state, leaving many trucks headed out empty.

Ai utilizes independent trucking agencies. American Ingenuity contracts to have these trucks carry your building kit outside Florida for approximately $2.50 to $2.90 per mile per truck from Ai’s plant in Rockledge, Florida. Shipping within Florida is a minimum of $800. If your Florida building site is south of our factory, the truckers charge more because they have to drive south before they can drive north to leave Florida.  These trucking costs are less than Ai could do with our own trucks because if we used our own trucks, they would have to deliver the kit and return to our factory empty.  Shipping costs are paid to American Ingenuity 21 days prior to the scheduled shipment date with a bank check.

Per mile shipping costs can vary due to fuel costs and travel distances. Click on Shipping to learn more.

American Ingenuity’s Philosophy:

One of the main reasons American Ingenuity is very reputable is that we really try to treat all our customers the same. Our business philosophy and product is unique to the housing industry. Ai believes that each client should pay for only what they need.

  • Each person who wants to research our building kit further can do so by purchasing the Planning Kit with DVD or purchase the DVD separately.
  • None of Ai’s staff is on commission.
  • About 50% of Ai’s clients do not need engineer sealed building plans or an Energy Report in order to obtain a building permit. As a result the engineer seal and the energy report are separate costs.

As a result of the above philosophy, the American Ingenuity dome shell kit costs about one third to one half less than the shell materials cost for a conventional house or wooden dome or sprayed concrete dome and you receive more…..greater energy efficiency and greater strength.

 Dome Building Kit:

Ai’s Dome Kit consists of all the triangular and riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway. Each component panel has 7″ thick rigid, nontoxic R-28 expanded polystyrene insulation (which is comparable to 11″ of fiberglass batting); a steel reinforced concrete exterior surface and interior shell wall board. All triangular and riser panels now include Georgia Pacific 1/2″ DensArmor High Performance gypsum drywall adhered to the interior surface of the insulation with drywall adhesive.  To learn more about what is included in the Building Kit, click on Kit Contents.  The 15′ and 18′ domes can be purchased without drywall and 3 1/2″ EPS or 7″ EPS with drywall.

Due to the thick R28 insulation, the 7″ EPS American Ingenuity Dome will save you 50% to 60% on your heating and cooling expenses versus a conventional house. To learn more about the advantages of the Ai Dome view the files listed under the menu item, Advantages, located at the top of our Home Page.  These Advantages are Energy Efficiency, Strength and Low Exterior Maintenance.

American Ingenuity’s dome building kits do not include doors and windows or any interior items except for the shell insulation and shell drywall. Ai does not believe you should pay the shipping cost for an additional truck to receive doors, windows, interior items, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc. because these items can be sourced and competitively priced locally. The floor plan you select will determine how many entryways or dormers your dome home will have. Within the entryways and dormers {eye brows - structural awnings}, you or your framing subcontractor installs a vertical wall to frame in your locally purchased exterior doors and windows.  To learn more about what is not included in the Building Kit click on Items Not Included.

If your Dome Building Kit is shipped outside of Florida, Florida sales tax or the Florida surtax does not apply.   
**The Kit and Option Pricing does not include the costs for the Building Plans, Engineer Fee to design basement/columns/stem wall, etc, Engineer Seal on the building plans (if needed), Energy Report (needed in Florida & California & other states), 2×4’s for the temporary wooden rib system (can be purchased locally and cut/drilled/painted by the buyer or purchased from Ai), Hub Deposit, Lifting Spike Purchase ($100), additional items on the Parts List, Shipping or Fork Lift rental to unload the truck at your site.
Residential Dome Plans
are 25% off the pricing listed below

To view Plan’s Sale Pricing, click on Plans Discount

Dome Diameter

22′ or 27′







Stock Plans








Garage Plans From $971 $1,016 $1,062 $1,077 $1,204 $1,276 $1,343

Modified Plans From








Custom Plans From








Basement Plans From









American Ingenuity’s Residential Dome Building Plans are new and improved. Plans include interior wall dimensions and wood joist/edge beam dimensions. To view stock floor plans for each diameter dome, please click on Dome Home Plans and scroll down the page for the pdf hyperlinks.

American Ingenuity’s Building Plans contain all of the typical drawings and details - usually 13- 17 sheets. The blueprints included in your plans are based on the type of entryways, dormers and foundation that are designed in your plans. Some of the Blueprint names are:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Legend Sheet
  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • Dome Panel Nomenclature
  • Exterior Elevations
  • 1st Floor Electrical Plan (shows location of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke detectors)
  • 2nd Floor Electrical Plan  (shows location of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke detectors)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Foundation Details
  • 2nd Floor Framing Plan
  • Typical Dome Section
  • Standard Entryway Details
  • High Profile Entryway Details
  • 1st Floor Window Dormer & Door Dormer Details
  • 2nd Floor Dormer Details
  • Stair Details
  • Cupola Blueprint if ordered
  • Link Blueprint if ordered

Some building departments require the building plans to be engineer sealed by a licensed engineer for your state and an Energy Report to issue a building permit.  If needed the seal and energy report can be purchased from Ai.  The standard foundation under the dome is a concrete slab. For Ai to design a basement or concrete columns or stem wall or pilings, etc. an engineer fee is added to the Plans Quote to cover the cost for a structural engineer to calculate the load of the dome and the load of the two floors within the dome and give joist/edge beam size/spacing and foundation design to our CAD department to incorporate within your plans.  Please call Ai office at 321-639-8777 for engineer fee.

RESIDENTIAL DOME BUILDING PLAN SETS contain all blueprints typically provided with any type of housing and include floor plans, exterior elevations, dome shell section view, top view showing panel placement, floor joist framing plans, structural details, and locations of plumbing and electrical fixtures. The Plans do not include the plumbing, electrical or HVAC diagrams because Ai has found that the subs like to draw their own diagrams. 

Stock, Modified or Custom Plans & Delivery Time: Some of  Ai’s stock plans are on this web site. To receive others via email at no cost, call us at 321-639-8777. If you want the stock plans mailed, call for printing and mailing costs.  In the Planning Kit is a 60 page Stock Floor Plan Booklet that contains some of the stock plans printed out for the 22′ thru 48′ domes. Ai does not keep stock plans printed out. So from the point Ai receives your Building Plan order to the point we mail your stock building plans (with concrete foundation) can be two to four weeks.  Allow at least five weeks for modified plans and ten - twelve weeks for custom plans. If you do not see a plan that fits your lifestyle we can modify our stock plans or Ai can design custom plans for a the same discount as stock plans. To learn more about this service, click on Stock, Modified, Custom.

How the plan design process works:

If you do not see a stock plan that fits your needs, what Ai has found works best is for you to sketch out your ideas on a stock plan, on blank floor planners that can be emailed to you or on the blue floor planner pages located in the back of the stock floor plan booklet.  Then email the sketches to us or fax them to us at 321-639-8778. After you fax, please call our office at 321-639-8777 and confirm Ai received your fax….correct number of pages, pages legible, etc. Ai does not make in-office appointments to discuss floor plans. Please include your name, address, telephone number and best time(s) to contact you. The plans supervisor will review your sketch, call you with questions and email you a price quote. Once Ai receives a signed Plans Quote and payment in full for the Building Plans, Engineer Seal/Energy Report  if required by your building department, Ai schedules your building plans for production.

Ai will fax or email you three rough drafts that you review and make changes on and email or fax back to us. After you approve the final draft, CAD designs your structural blue prints and completes your plans.

Engineer seal:

About half the states in America and all new construction in Florida and California require engineer sealed building plans and an Energy Report to obtain a building permit. The seal and the energy report can be purchased through American Ingenuity. In Florida a 36′ or smaller dome seal is $400; 40′, 45, and 48′ seal is $500. The Florida Energy Report for one dome is $190. 

If your building department requires an engineer seal and you want to build on a basement then this means your basement plans will need to be engineer sealed as well as your dome plans.  Please call us for plans and seal pricing. Ai utilizes an engineer who has seals for 47 states. His fee to seal one dome on a concrete slab is $600; two domes is $900.  If you build the dome on a basement, his fee to seal the basement plans is $200.

American Ingenuity’s dome exceeds any state’s building codes. But the building departments do not know this so they require a licensed engineer certified for your state to review our Building Plans and affix his seal and signature to the structural sheets. His seal and signature means that Ai’s Building Plans comply with your state’s building codes. To learn more click on Engineer Seal.

Dome Building Plans Payment:

Building plans may be purchased with Master Card, Visa, Discover, Check, or Money Order.   Plans pricing does not include shipping cost.   All payments are to be made in USdollars. Ai does not accept American Express cards. 

Commercial Building Plans: American Ingenuity does not have stock commercial plans.  Plans pricing quoted above and elsewhere on American Ingenuity’s web site are for residential homes.  Domes can be utilized for commercial purposes; however the plans are much more complicated to design due to commercial code. Commercial plans will cost two to three times the price of residential dome plans. Once Ai sees your floor plan layout, calls your building department to find out what design criteria they require and calls the engineer that will seal your building plans, Ai can complete a Plans Quote.

Commercial Dome Buildings: Ai’s dome building kits are ideal for a church. However obtaining a building permit on a commercial structure, especially a church where people gather is not easy. The building departments tend to be more stringent on commercial buildings. For example, they will require you to hire a licensed builder and licensed subcontractors to finish a commercial structure.  The building department will require an interior sprinkler system.  Typically commercial structures cost double the price per square foot to build than a home.


No metal to rust, no wood to rot or be eaten by termites.  R-8 EPS insulation, 12′ diameter, 9’4″ high in the center with 110 sq.ft.  The geometry is a one half sphere of a two frequency icosahedron on a 40″ riser wall.  The web site file with photos & other info is GeoPod.

  • Utility Dome Kit with one entryway $750, with two entryways $790.
  • Uses: Great for Camping out on your property or for a permanent Hunting Shelter.    Endless storage possibilities-  take care of lawn equipment,  pool & sports gear, and  all those cumbersome items that collect & clog up your garage. Could also be used to store tools during construction of your dome home.  Make  gardening or fix-it jobs easier with a potting shed or work shop.  Build a backyard dome playhouse with your children.   Paint your outdoor camping or get-a-way dome, camouflage colors and blend right in with nature and the environment.
  • Domes may be linked by using an optional 2nd entryway.  There are no extra link panels, just the entryway panels.
  • 2″ thick EPS panels (R-8) are precut to proper computer generated angles, but are not concreted since it is more cost effective for you to concrete the entire dome at one time.
  • Kit includes:  2″ EPS insulation panels consisting of 37 precut triangular, 9 precut 40″ riser panels & precut entryway, fibers, slab plans and assembly instructions.
  • Assembly: Assemble  EPS panels by rows, propping up the panels, attaching panels to your prepared foundation & to each other panel with pins & foam adhesive.  Install your own vents to suit. Install your 6’x6’door, windows under the entryway.  Conceal any electrical wiring for outlets or lighting in the panels.  Coat the entire exterior with a thin 1/4″ layer of fiber reinforced concrete, then prime and paint the dome with two coats of good quality exterior concrete paint.
  • Finish the interior with joint compound, plaster or stucco.
  • Shipped via NIShippers on a pallet anywhere in USA for around $270 to $600.